Introduction - Knik Responsibility Chart
    From the Principal: 

    We all know the importance of academics in schools. Teaching students academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science is the reason schools exist, after all. Most people agree, however, that there are other important life lessons that students learn in school...things like working with others, doing one’s best, persevering when tasks are difficult, and being responsible.

    One way we at Knik are addressing positive character traits and good choices is with our Responsibility Charts. The Responsibility Chart is a system where students' names are placed on a chart with the word "RESPONSIBILITY." Each letter of the word "responsibility" stands for a trait that students have discussed in class, such as effort, politeness, self-reliance, neatness, independence, trustworthiness, and remembering the rules. Each day a student makes good choices and shows responsibility, s/he is moved up on the chart. When students make choices that interfere with the learning or safety of themselves or others, they either stay put on the chart or move back, depending on the situation.

    When students have consistently shown that they are responsible, they will reach the "Y" on the Responsibility Chart. "Y" students earn privileges such as being able to transition in the halls and use restrooms without a monitor, moving their seat at lunch, using the "Y" room when available, and other classroom privileges. Our students are already quite excited about reaching the "Y" and receiving their "Y" bracelets.

    Current educational research shows that a system of earned privileges has a positive impact on school climate as well as student learning and motivation. The Responsibility Chart is a way to recognize students who make good choices. We hope to see all of our students on the "Y" this year!

    If you would like to hear more about our Responsibility Chart system or provide feedback about this program or anything else we are doing at Knik, just give me a call. You can also find more detailed information about the Responsibility Chart system on our website.

    We have many exciting events coming up at Knik. I look forward to seeing you at our  Family Involvement Nights.

    Thanks for all of the support you show our school!


    John Gardner