• High School Honor Jazz Band Audition Requirements


    Winds, Piano, Guitar, Vibes (No scales for bass)

    Chromatic Scale: Lowest note to highest comfortable note and back down. Perform at a comfortable tempo.


    Drummers (Play in following order)

    Even 8th Rock and Funk groove.

    Four bars of swing time feel (quarter note = 160) alternating with four bars of solo, thirty-two bars total.

    Four bars of Samba groove (half note = 100) alternating with four bars of solo, thirty-two bars total.



    Please play the etudes in any order

    • Saxophones: Swing, Samba, Ballad 

    • Trumpets: Swing, Salsa, Ballad (Lead Trumpet performs Lead Etude in place of Swing Etude)

    • Trombones: Swing, Salsa, Ballad (Bass Trombone performs Bass Bone Etude instead of Swing Etude)

    • Piano: Swing, Salsa, Ballad • Guitar: Swing, Funk, Ballad • Bass: Swing, Salsa, Ballad, (If possible please perform Swing and Ballad Etude on acoustic and Salsa on electric)

    • Drums: Swing, Swing (brushes), Samba

    • Vibes: Swing, Calypso, Ballad


    Improvisation (All instruments except drums)

    • Brass/ Saxophone players: Play the head and solo over 2 choruses

    • Piano/Guitar/Bass/Vibes: Play the head, comp/walk for 1 chorus and solo for 2 additional choruses

    • Drums: No improvisation