• Pre-Calculus Chapter 5 Analytic Geometry

    ****Identities to Memorize****

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    5.1A Notes:  Using Fundamental Identities

                    Assignment 5.1A:  Pg 354 #1-6,7-43odd

    5.1B Notes:  Simplifying Trig expressions by factoring, adding,subtracting, multiplying and dividing

                   Assignment 5.1B:  Pg 355 #45-69odd,79, 81,83,117-121odd

    5.2A Notes:  Verifying Trig Identities

                   Assignment 5.2A:  Pg 362 #11-27odd, 31-41odd

    5.2B Notes:  Verifying Trig Identities

                  Assignment 5.2B:  Pg 363 #43-57odd, 61-73odd

    5.3A Notes:  Solving Trig Equations

                  Assignment 5.3A:  Pg 373 #5-35odd

    Assessment:  5.3 Quiz

    5.3B Notes:  Solving Trig Equations

                  Assignment 5.3B:  Pg 373 #37-53odd,75

    5.4A Notes:  Sum and Difference Formulas

                  Assignment 5.4A:  Pg 381 #1-6,9-39odd, 43-49odd

    5.4B Notes:  Sum and Difference Formulas

                  Assignment 5.4B:  Pg 382 #51,53,61-75odd

    5.5A Notes:  Double angle and power reducing Formulas

                  Assignment 5.5A:  Pg 390 #1,7,9-41odd

    5.5B Notes:  Product to Sum Formulas

                  Assignment 5.5B:  Pg 390 #8,43,45,47,73-91odd,101,103,105

    Assignment:  Chapter 5 Review

    Solutions to chapter 5 Review

    Assessment:  Chapter 5 Test

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