• Chapter 4: Trigonometric Functions

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    Textbook Pre-Test and Post-Test

    4.1A Notes: Radian and Degree Measure       

                Assignment 4.1A:  pg 261 #4,7-10,11-65 odd

    4.1B Notes: Arc length                                 

                Assignment 4.1B:  pg 262 #67-105 odd

    4.2A Notes: The Unit Circle and the six trig functions   

                 Assignment 4.2A:  pg 270 #4,6,9-31odd

    4.2B Notes: periodicity and even/odd trig functions

                Assignment 4.2B:  pg 271 #2,3,5,33-67 odd

    Assessment:  4.1-4.2 Quiz

    End of 1st semester - Fall Final Review    solutions

    Assignment:  4.2A worksheet

    Assignment:  4.2B worksheet

    4.3A Notes:   Right Triangle Trigonometry

                    Assignment 4.3A:  Pg 280 #1,4-6,7-57odd

    4.3B Notes:  Trig and Trig Identities

                    Assignment 4.3B:  Pg 281 #59-83odd, 92

    4.4A Notes:  Trig functions and reference angles

                   Assignment 4.4A:  Pg 289 #9-65 odd

    4.4B Notes:  Trig functions and reference angles

                         Assignment 4.4B:  Pg 290 #67-107odd

    Assessment:  4.1-4.4 Quiz

    4.5A Notes:  Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions

                         Assignment 4.5A:  Pg 299 #5-8,11-39odd

    4.5B Notes:  Graphs of trig functions

                         Assignment 4.5B:  4.5B worksheet

    4.6 Notes Graphs of trig functions and their reciprocals

                        Assignment 4.6:  4.6 worksheet

    4.7A Notes:  Inverse Trig Functions

                         Assignment 4.7A:  Pg 322 #1-4,5-31odd,45-51odd

    4.7B Notes:  Composition of inverse Trig Functions

                         Assignment 4.7B:  Pg 323 #53-89odd,101

    Assessment:  4.7 Quiz

    4.8A Notes:  Trig Applications

                         Assignment 4.8A:  Pg 332 #5-33odd

    4.8B Notes:  Trig Applications and Bearings

                         Assignment 4.8B:  Pg 333 #2,3,39,41-45,53

    Assignment:  Chapter 4 review

    Assessment:  Chapter 4 Test


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