• 9:05-9:20:  hall or other assigned morning duties

    9:20-9:40:  progress monitoring

    9:45-11:15: 4th grade literacy block: Corrective Reading B2, Language for Writing

    11:15-11:45: 4th grade literacy skills block: Six Minute Solutions, Spelling Mastery level B

    11:45-12:15: 4th grade math skills block: Multiplication/Division fluency, Moby Max Fact Fluency and Math

    12:15-12:45 lunch

    12:45-1:00: deliver 4th grade lunches

    1:00-1:10: progress monitoring

     1:15-2:10: 4th grade math: Connecting Math Concepts level D


    The following times may be flexed dependent on student schedules and monitoring needs:

    2:10-2:55 prep period 

    2:55-3:40 progress monitoring