• Ms.  Troll's Classroom Rules and Procedures


     Our Schools Guideline's for Success are as follows:

    I will respect myself and others.

    I will come to school prepared to learn.

    I will be responsible for my choices and actions.

    I will have the courage to do my best today.


    Our class is also governed by a social contract.  As a group we formulate a list of words to describe how we would like others to treat us and how we agree to treat each other.  Students generate some great words like kindness and respect.  This social contract is posted, and we refer to it daily to remind ourselves to check our own behavior.  

    Students are expected to:

       1.  Work hard and pay attention


    Our classroom is a team.  Working together we can accomplish amazing things and have a great time doing so.  

    Students may pay a portion of their recess and have a conference with me if they have difficulty with their behavior.  If there continues to be issues, a phone call home will be made.