• Welcome to MR. Hulls Math class

     Colony Middle School, Room 204


    GO MATH! Consumable text –          GO MATH! Website- my.hrw.com

    Username: student's initials and ID #   ex. John Smith username: js123456

    Password: math and student ID # ex. John Smith password: math123456


    Be prepared, be on time, be respectful, and be ready to learn.

    Homework will be assigned most days and should not take any more than 30 minutes to complete.  Completing assigned work in class or homework and returning work on time is an expectation. 

    Grades: Please check iparent often to monitor student’s grades and check for missing work.  iparent, the CMS webpage and your student’s agenda are the tools for success.                             


    Homework will be assigned, but not every day.  The homework will be practice of a skill introduced in class.  Please look at classwork examples in the GO Math units or online for help.  Refer to your agenda or my webpage for daily classwork and homework assignments.


    Tests and quizzes are a large percentage of your grade.  Students are able to do test corrections on missed problems and turned back in for ½ point per problem.  Work must be shown on a separate piece of paper and stapled to the test when turned in.

    Make-up Work:

    Students are able to turn in missing or late work for partial credit up to the end of the quarter.  Place assignments in the basket in class.

    Bell Assignments / journal topic:

    At the beginning of each class period, students are required to complete a bell assignment from the board.  The expectation is that the question or statement and answer are written in their math notebook for each day. Notebooks will be checked periodically for credit.  If students are absent, they write ABSENT for that day.  If a whole week is missing, there is an alternative assignment that the students can complete.

    If you ever have and questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email.  Email will be the easiest way to communicate.   If you would like to leave a message on my office phone (907) 761- 1543