• Syllabus


    6th and 7th Grade English Language Arts


    Mrs. Minkler

    Room 103



    Welcome to English Language Arts class! Please read the syllabus over with your parent/guardian(s) to better understand what is expected of you in class.


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: In this class we will be exploring many different genres of literature, including but not limited to: non-fiction, informational texts, fiction, short stories, biographies, poetry, and dramatic works.  During the duration of the year students will be asked to analyze, discuss, and create written works.  Students will also be writing, reading, analyzing, giving presentations, creating projects, and using rigorous language throughout this course.

    GRADES: All grades are based on points that are then translated to a percentage both on the individual assignment and the overall class grade.  Every type of activity will be divided into the following categories and overall percentages:


    Homework: 5%

    Participation: 5%                                                     Essays: 20%

    Classwork: 20%                                                        Tests & Quizzes: 25%

                                                                                 Projects/Presentations: 25%


    The grading scale for this course is as follows:

    A (90-100%)

    Outstanding Achievement

    4.0 grade points

    B (80-89%)

    Above Average Achievement

    3.0 grade points

    C (70-79%)

    Average Achievement

    2.0 grade points

    D (60-69%)

    Below Average Achievement

    1.0 grade points

    F (below 60%)

    No credit / failing grade

    0 grade points


    *When deemed appropriate by the teacher a grade may be rounded up to the next grading bracket.


    HOMEWORK: Homework helps to re-enforce an idea brought up in class that day or to help the students make a transition from one idea to the next.

    -Students will…

    -silent reading (20 minutes)



    PROJECTS/ESSAYS/CLASSWORK: All essays must be typed, double spaced, size twelve font in Times New Roman and proper MLA format. Students will be asked to complete classwork that is relevant to that day’s direct instruction.  All classwork, projects and essays will be posted on the website. Essays and projects must be typed.  


    TESTS/QUIZZES: There will be several tests throughout this class; in most cases each unit of study will have a corresponding test.  Students will also be subject to vocabulary tests.  You will have one week from the day that you missed a test to schedule a make-up date or you will receive a zero on the test.  Students are subject to pop-quizzes at any time.  Quizzes are used to help keep students on track and to monitor progress during a unit of study.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher and choose a make-up-date for the quiz when they are absent. 


    PLAGIARISM AND CHEATING: Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. If a student is caught trying to pass off someone else’s ideas as their own (plagiarism) or giving/receiving answers for a test or quiz (cheating) they will receive a zero for the assignment.  Please cite all work received from other sources to avoid plagiarizing.  WHEN IN DOUBT, CITE IT OUT!


    LATE AND MISSING ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments are due at the start of the next class unless otherwise stated. Late and missing assignments (classwork, essays, homework and projects) will have a deduction of 10% for every day that they are late. For example if a project worth 200 points  and the student turns it in 3 days late the most credit they can receive from that project is 140 points. (10% of 200 = 20 points, multiplied by three days the student would be losing 60 points due to the lateness of the assignment).  The maximum deduction is 30%.  It is important that students make sure that ALL work is submitted in a timely manner. 


    TARDIES: Students are expected to be on time and prepared for daily classroom activities. Being prepared for class means that students will come prepared with all necessary classwork, homework, projects, essays, notebooks, binders, and writing material(s) when they enter class each day. 


    ABSENCES: Absences affect the student’s ability to complete work in a timely manner and to understand the important ideas of the class. We will follow the district’s abIf you were absent it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to go to the website, ask a classmate, or check your class folder for missing work.  Paper assignments will be in your classes’ inbox. You will then have one full day for each day of absence to make up any missing assignments.  Assignments that were due on the day of your absence are due the day you return. Any assignments that were given while you were absent are due one day from when you return. If you have any questions about the absence policy or making up work please feel free to contact me. If you know in advance that you must miss class, please let me know. 


    DEADLINES: All essays and projects should be turned in on the assigned date. If your printer is not working, please email your paper in on time.


    GENERAL CLASSROOM RULES: All students are expected to be on time to class with a positive attitude and ready to learn. Disrespect towards myself or any classmates will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Students are expected to be prepared, on task and courteous to the learning environment. It is the goal of the class as a whole to make a welcoming environment that allows for all students to be comfortable with discussions and the exchange of ideas.

    1. The only beverage students are allowed in class is water. Please make sure to have water bottles filled before class.
    2. When you leave the class you must sign out (by the door) and have a teacher signed pass. All students will be asked to wait until after the warm-up to use the restroom. Only one student out at a time. Please do not interrupt instruction if possible. 
    3. You will not be allowed to leave the classroom until instructed by the teacher. You will be excused from class on time.
    4. There are to be no hats worn while you are inside the classroom.


    If you fail to abide by any rules of the classroom you will be warned verbally, if your behavior continues you will be asked to speak with me privately during independent work.  If your behavior continues after in class remediation is exhausted, we will contact home.  Most disciplinary actions will be handled on an in-class basis. Administration and parent involvement will occur only after in-class correction options have been exhausted.


    COMMUNICATION: You are more than welcome to phone or e-mail me with questions.  Please use appropriate subject lines and respectful language when e-mailing.  Please make sure that your communication is appropriate for the classroom. 


    CELL PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Cell phones WILL NOT be allowed in the classroom. If you choose to take your cell phone out to text you will receive a verbal warning. If this occurs again after the initial warning then the cell phone will be placed in a bag until the end of the class period. 


    Units of Study: We will be using Apex and Step Up to Writing throughout the year.  Our goal is to complete three collection themes each semester.


    Semester 1:

    Apex Theme

    6th Grade

    7th Grade


    Elements of Literature

    Elements of Literature


    Analyzing Literature

    Language Usage


    Reading Strategies, Part 1

    Reading Strategies


    Reading Strategies, Part 2

    Analyzing Nonliterary Texts


    Semester Wrap Up

    Semester Wrap Up



    Independent Reading: Students will be given time in class for silent independent reading (S.I.R.). Students will be responsible for reading logs and “book talks” based on their independent reading books. 

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