• Colony Middle School

    Physical Education

    Course Syllabus



    The National Standards for Physical Education (NASPE) are used as guidelines for the Colony P.E. program.  The seven standards are listed below.


                A Physically educated person:

    1. Demonstrates competency in many movement forms and

                                        proficiency in a few movement forms.

    1. Applies movement concepts and principles to the learning and

    development of motor skills.

    1. Exhibits a physically active lifestyle.
    2. Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
    3. Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.
    4. Demonstrates understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings.
    5. Understands that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression & social interaction.



                For reasons of health, safety, and personal hygiene; classroom clothing may not be worn while participating in P.E.  Please label all P.E. clothes and shoes as the school is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  The following is required . . .

    • T-shirt or sweatshirt
    • Athletic shorts or sweatpants (no pajama pants)
    • Proper athletic shoes with non-marking soles

    Shoe quality is vital to healthy participation in P.E.  Deck shoes, platform soles, canvas slip-ons, smooth sole shoes, shoes w/o back, crocks, sandals, and flip flops are not appropriate for daily P.E. participation.  GYM SHOES SHOULD BE WORN PRIMARILY FOR P.E. AND ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION.



                Locks and lockers are issued to each student.  You are responsible for the lock.  If a student loses their lock they need to check with their P.E. teacher to see if it was returned to them.  If the lock is not found then you need to replace the lock.  To replace a lock, a fee of $7.00 will be charged to the student.  Contact any P.E. staff for a replacement lock.  Privately owned locks are not allowed.






                All medical concerns are handled through the school nurse.  District policy: Students may not be excused from participating in activities for more than 3 days without a doctors excuse on file in the nurses office.  Students are still responsible for missed work.  Written or modified assignments will be required each day.  All injuries need to be reported immediately to your teacher before seeing the school nurse!



    *      For safety reasons as well as following the school policy, gum chewing is not allowed.  Jewelry is to be removed.  Hair that may obstruct vision or become caught in equipment must be tied back.  Students are encouraged not to bring valuables to school.

    * Locker rooms will be off limits during P.E. classes.  Students will have access to the cafeteria restrooms during class times.

    * Glass containers of any type are not allowed in the locker rooms or gym.

    * Food and drink are not permitted in the gyms or locker rooms.

    * Students may not leave class early.  Students will sit back in their designated areas for roll call and wait to be dismissed by the P.E. teacher.  Designated release times are posted at all of the gym exits.



                Each day student’s will be assessed in the following areas . . .

    (2 points) - Prepared : Student should be dressed out on time and sitting down quietly in

                the proper place in line for roll call. 

    (2 points) - Warm-ups : Engaging in jogging, calisthenics and stretches daily.

    (1 point) – Listening to and following directions : Do what is asked of you daily.

    (4 points) – Participation : This depends on the amount of effort the student gives.

    (1 point) – Sportsmanship/Cooperation : How well do you work with others?



                Students are required to make up work for absences.  Students are responsible for picking up makeup forms from their teacher or print them off from the CMS P.E. web page.  Parents must sign off on their makeup work.  All makeup work is due one week after the absence.  Makeup for prearranged absences are due when the student returns to school.



                Students are expected to dress out daily for P.E.  Clothes are available from the PE department if they need PE clothes or forgot theirs at home.  If a student is not dressing out on a regular basis, the parents will be contacted by phone so a plan can be discussed on how to prevent this from happening in the future.  

Last Modified on August 25, 2017