Degrees and Certifications:

Grading Procedure


The goal in our physical Education program is to help students lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. There will be very few written assessments for this class.  Daily assessments are based on active participation and citizenship. The following rubric explains what we are looking for.


Citizenship points:

(1 point) - Prepared – Student should be dressed out on time and sitting down quietly in the proper place in line for roll call.

(1 point) - Citizenship - Following the school rules & acting appropriately. Making good choices.

(1 point) – Listening to and following directions – Do what is asked first time asked.

(2 point) – Sportsmanship – How well do you work with others?

Participation points:

(2 points) - Warm-ups – Engaging in jogging, calisthenics and stretches daily

(3 points) – Participation – This depends on the amount of effort the student gives.


*If you are dismissed to visit the ROC room, no points will be earned for that day.

*If a pattern occurs where a student is disengaging in class activities, they will be asked to come in to do a make up during their lunch period. 


Last Modified on August 25, 2017