• Welcome to Preschool 2021-2022


    Classroom Staff – Chrissy Steele (Preschool Teacher); Mary Kay Reid (Preschool Assistant); Sheila Savoie (Preschool Assistant)


    WELCOME to the school year for you and your Preschooler!  We want to work closely with you and your child and encourage open communication.  Our door is always open, but it usually works best to schedule an appointment, so we can meet uninterrupted. Our classroom number is 864-2146.


    PERSONAL ITEMS:  When your child comes to school, make sure he/she has a BACKPACK large enough to carry papers, large art work, extra shoes and snow gear (when needed).  Please LABEL all items, particularly coats, hats, boots, mittens, shoes, and other belongings that come to school with your child’s name. 


    TRANSPORTATION:  Children will ride the school bus unless other arrangements have been made.  If there is a change, please call or send a note BEFOREHAND.  We cannot rely on the children or the bus drivers to inform us.  For your child’s safety, we must speak directly to you, or have a written note from you.


    If you have a long-term transportation change, please let us know as well as contacting the Bus Barn.  Their numbers are: 

    Transportation Dept.: 373-2287
    Spec. Ed. Bus Barn:  357-6327
    Regular Bus Barn:  357-6327

    Also, please let us know about any changes to your phone number or address.



    We provide a developmentally appropriate environment as well as meeting any special needs that your child may have.  There will be lots of story time, music, art, and movement on a daily basis.  Speech, occupational, and physical therapy services are scheduled each week according to your child’s specific IEP requirements.


    Your child will have a folder that is to be returned each day.  This folder will provide a calendar that includes weekly themes, events, and will also be used as a sticker chart.  If a sticker is present for the day, this means that your child has had a problem-free day.  If the sticker is absent, this indicates a minor problem with your child’s behavior.  Usually, a notation will be made to clarify what the issue was.  If the problem is more serious, you will be contacted by the teacher.  Your support with discussing appropriate behavior at school is appreciated.  In addition, paper is provided to encourage a written communication system whereby important information can be shared between home and school.  Remember to CHECK YOUR CHILD’S BACKPACK AND FOLDER ON A DAILY BASIS, as this will keep you informed about life at preschool.  Also, the backpack will have art work, projects, and activities that your child participated in.


    We will be using the Opening the World of Learning (OWL) curriculum with both morning and afternoon classes, however, the afternoon students will experience a more in depth presentation.  Informational letters will be sent home at the start of each unit as well as activities that will enhance the concepts of each lesson.  The goals of this program are as follows:

    -Fostering language, science, and math skills
    -Helping children learn about books and print
    -Introducing the alphabet
    -Helping children learn about the sounds of letters
    -Exposing children to various types of literature (books, stories, poems, and fables)


    We have lots of fun while we are learning:

    • We learn about how special we are
    • We exercise in the gym
    • We sing and dance in the classroom
    • We cut with scissors
    • We count and recognize numbers
    • We learn about math skills through calendar time, small group activities, and games
    • We learn letters by writing our names and environmental print activities
    • We read books with our teachers and reading buddies
    • We also have fun building trains, painting, drawing, sensory exploration, dramatic play, building with blocks, and driving cars.


    Although not a requirement, taking part in family fun events is an option for each family.  This is a wonderful opportunity for making connections between your child’s home and school life, as well as a good time to share information and get to know other parents. I will keep you posted when these events will be offered.


    We are looking forward to an exciting, fun learning experience,

    Miss Chrissy, Miss Mary Kay, and Miss Sheila





Last Modified on August 16, 2021