• Upcoming 5th Grade Events 



    October 26-30: Red Ribbon Week + Spirit Week

    Oct 26– Hats off to being  REDy to be drug free – Crazy hat and red day

    Oct 27- Be a superhero!! Stay drug free – superhero t-shirts or costumes

    Oct 28– Peace out to being drug free – Tie Dye day!

    Oct 29 -  Show your true colors, chose to be drug free – Each grade picks a color and wears that color (5th grade is blue)

    Oct 30- Say No to drugs and be fab-BOO-lus!!! Rated G Halloween costumes


    November 2-3: Parent/Teacher Conferences; no school for students

    November 11: Professional Development Day for teachers; no school for students

    Noveber 26-27: Thanksgiving Break; no school for students







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