• Methods of Communication

    1. TMS Cross Country website
    2. Talk to a coach and listen during our announcement time before each practice. If you miss a practice, you miss important information; it is your responsibility to check in with a coach.
    3. To sign up for Teeland XC Running Parents: Send a text to...81010...text this message...@teeland  

    Eligibility/Signing up

    • Sign up with PlanetHS and upload your Current Physical or drop it off at the TMS Office
    • Pay for all activities using SchoolPay
    • Grades- you must maintain a 2.0 grade point average
    • First day of practice: Thursday, August 19 - you must have a physical to practice
    • Last day to join: Thursday, August 26
    • All athletes are strongly encouraged to have the following: a watch with a timer, good running shoes, a light jacket and a water bottle.


    Practices and Routine   We meet at 2:25 every day RAIN OR SHINE in the gym. That gives you 10 minutes to take care of your locker, change clothes and show up on the gym floor. If you are going to be late, it is your responsibility to find a coach and let them know.  Attendance is mandatory to compete in meets, if you are going to be absent you need to email or bring in a note. Practices run from 2:25 to 4:00 Monday-Friday. Parents, please pick up your runner before 4:15. 

    Uniforms Uniforms are school issued. You will receive these before the first meet and return them to coaches after the last meet. If you fail to return them, you will be charged $25 for the bottoms and $25 for the tops (and no ice cream!)

    Aches and Pains   You may be sore for the first few days to a week. This is normal when your muscles are not used to this level of effort. If pain persists or is sharp, tell the coaches. If injuries require other treatment, we will recommend seeing either a doctor or a physical therapist. 

    Behavior and Rules   TMS school rule applies: you may not interfere with the learning, safety or well-being of others. You must come to practice to remain on the team. Only two unexcused absences will be allowed.   After a third unexcused absence, you will be asked to turn in your uniform. Please communicate with your coaches.  If an absence is planned then have your parents email the coaches with the dates of the absence and reason for the absence.

    Nutrition, rest, and balanceThe foods you eat, how you rest, and how you feel all affect your performance. It is important to eat nutritious foods: grains, cereals, dairy products, meats, fruits, and vegetables. WATER. WATER. WATER! You should get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

    We look forward to seeing all of you on Thursday, August 19th. Grab your shoes and grab your friends, “Let’s go running!”


    Rhett Buchanan: Rhett.Buchanan@matsuk12.us

    David Knopp: David.Knopp@matsuk12.us




Last Modified on August 17, 2021