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  • What do I need for class?

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    Update for Quarter 1, 2020: Due to Covid precautions--


    All students have checked out a Chromebook and charger. Chromebooks should be charged nightly and brought to class each day. We recommend students to bring the charger as well in case the Chromebook needs charging during the day.

    Mrs. Hughes asks for students to have a composition book to store additional notes and in-class labs and activities. We will occasionally use art supplies during class; please have markers/colored pencils available. Requested class supplies/donations: Soap bottle refills, lysol wipes, facial tissues

    We now utilize the "Apex" program to replace physical textbooks. Please speak with the librarian if you wish to check out a textbook.

    Should we resume "normal" classroom activities:

    Class needs will vary from day to day but you should always come prepared with a pencil, a roll of transparent tape, and your science journal.

    Your science journal should be stored within the classroom and/or should be always brought to class.

    Textbooks are needed occasionally but they stored in the classroom. Links for on-line chapters are available (see your science main page for links). If you want a version of the textbook at home, please check out a copy from the school librarian.


    Other recommended items:

         3-ring binder with extra paper and a storage pocket with tape, pencils, colored pencils/markers,

         calculator, ruler, and scissors.



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  • What did I miss when I was gone?

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    It is your responsibility as a student to check the Google Classroom to find out what you missed: notes, labs, worksheets, etc... You have the number of days (plus one more) to complete any new work you missed without penalty. Labs can be completed during lunch or after school


    If you were absent the day an assignment was due (and in class when it was assigned), you should be prepared to turn it in on your first day back to school. This is especially important if the assignment is a "long-term" project.


    Be sure to talk to one of your friends, make a class comment on the Google Classroom daily post, or e-mail Mrs. Hughes if you have questions about your work.



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  • What is the Cell Phone use policy?

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    All cell phones should be turned in to the cell "parking lot" as soon as a student enters the classroom. Each student is assigned an "cell" pocket to store phones for the duration of the class period. There is a limited number of charging spots (no cables provided) for student use.


    Phones are to be off or silent. Vibration or flashing lights for notifications are not permitted as they are distracting. 


    Phones are occasionally used as stopwatches, calculators, or to record experiment data in the classroom; however, their use is with teacher permission only. 


    Students are not to check text messages, text, use social media, or answer any phone calls during class time. If parents need to contact their child, they may do so by contacting the WMS front office or wait for passing time for their child to respond.


    Any violations of this policy (texting, social media, calls, not in the parking lot and/or causing a disruption) the phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the class time and will result in the phone being brought to the WMS front office (as teacher time permits) for the student/parent to pick up at the end of the school day.




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  • What if I don't like my grade on an assignment or quiz?

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    Assignments, labs, quizzes, and tests may be redone but you have to fill out a fix-it ticket. The fix-it-ticket requires a parent signature and you will need to turn in the original assignment with your corrected version. You have one calendar week to make corrections before your grade is finalized.


    If you had originally turned in an assignment late, you will earn up to the maximum late-points the score can allow.


    Always keep track of your grade on StudentVUE or ask Mrs. Hughes for grade help. 





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  • What is the late-work policy?

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    Most assignments are considered due at the start of the class period. An assignment must be fully completed at the start of class to be considered on-time.


    Incomplete assignments will be considered late.


    Late work will lose 10% per day late. Work turned in beyond 5 days late will receive no more that 50%.


    Late assignments will show as a "M" in the gradebook and will turn to a 0% after the chapter/unit test. Please check the gradebook comment for assignment details and/or links.




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  • What is the Hall Pass Policy?

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    Students must utilize a Google Form to sign both out and back in to class. 


    If a student wishes to speak with a counselor or nurse, s/he must send an email to the staff member to request an appointment. A hall pass will be delivered to the student when the staff member is available.


    Students receive 4 hall passes each quarter. The hall pass page is stored on the cover of the science journals. These passes are used for any 'trip down the hallway' except for emergencies such as trip to the nurse (blood, barf, or broken bone). Once the quarter's passes are used, there are no more passes for the duration of the quarter.


    Hall passes cannot be transferred to other students and, if lost, cannot be replaced until the next quarter. Hall pass requests will be denied if the pass page is not present in class or if a student demonstrates improper hallway behaviors.


    Lockers may only be used before/after school and during lunch... no access to lockers is permitted during class or passing times. Students are expected to be prepared for each class and may bring a backpack to class as well.




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  • What are the discipline procedures?

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    At WMS each student is held accountable for this school-wide Code of Conduct.

    Do what is expected; do it the best that you can.

    Our one rule is: Be kind and respectful to everyone at all times.

    If a student chooses to not do what is expected, he or she is violating our Wasilla Way Code of Conduct.


    Brief descriptions of the consequences are as follows:

    Notice 1: A verbal notifiation of the student being placed on "Notice." A “Notice” Slip may be placed on their desk as a reminder to both the student and staff that the student is on “Notice 1”.

    Notice 2: If a student continues to interfere, they will be asked to move to a designated location to reflect on their disruptive behavior. The “Notice” slip can be turned over for the student to fill out the back of the slip. After two to five minutes, he/she is privately asked to state the behavior that resulted in his/her removal from the learning environment and asked if they are ready to return. If the answer is “yes”, or if the student has completed a slip, the student is allowed to return to the designated activities, whereas a response of “no” simply indicates that the student needs more time to reflect and/or gather control.

    Student Responsibility Classroom (SRC) referral:

    If a student has already been placed on notice twice in a single class period and continues to disrupt, he/she is sending the message that he/she is choosing an SRC referral. The student will be sent to the SRC room with their Notice Slip as a pass. In order to return on the next day to the classroom where the misbehavior took place, the student must:

    * Complete the SRC behavior plan

    * Discuss the plan with the SRC supervisor or an administrator

    * Present the plan to the referring teacher and verbally state their plan for success in order to be re-admitted to the classroom

    * Call home to share their behavior plan with their parent(s)/guardian.


    A copy of the behavior journal will be placed in the student’s SRC file.

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  • I need extra help, can you help me?

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    Of course! You have to tell me when you're having an issue and I'll try to help you solve it.


    Make an appointment before/after school, send an e-mail, or contact Mrs. Hughes during her Prep time.


    E-mail me your questions, call me, find me in the hallway... but let me know before it is too late!



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  • Is there extra credit available?

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    Extra credit may only be completed if you have all your previous assignments turned in.


    If there are low grades, you may first redo those assignments. You may also complete a "Science in the News" article summary (up to 1 per week).


    Additional extra credit may be completed on a case-by-case basis.



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