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Mrs. Bauman's Classroom Management Plan

Mrs. Bauman’s Classroom Management and Discipline Plan 

Grade 5 2019-2020 Room 210 


The level of structure I anticipate is (medium-high). 


Guidelines for Success: 

  1. We are Respectful. 
  1. We are Responsible. 
  1. We are Ready to Learn. 

Classroom Motto:  

    We are a team because Together Everyone Achieves More! 

Posted Rules: 

  1. We will be safe and consider others before you act. 
  1. We use respectful and kind actions with adults and students ALWAYS. 
  1. We follow all directions the first time and use the CHAMPS board 
  1. We follow voice levels and only talk to others about our task or at free time.   
  1. We have our books, planner/binder, and materials when we come to class. 
  1. We will be in our seat ready to learn when the class/lesson starts. 

Attention Signals: 

  • Teacher says, “Attention please” or “Give me 5” and holds up hand or voice 0 symbol.  Class turns eyes to speaker, sets down materials and turns off their voices and holds up hand or voice 0 symbol to signal to others. 
  • Teacher says “Class, Class!” Students respond “Yes, Yes!” and go to Voice 0 


CHAMPS Expectations for Classroom Activities and Transitions: 

These expectations change based on the class and the activity. However, I use the attached CHAMPS menu and I review these expectations at the beginning of each transition/activity. 

Encouragement Procedures: 

These are posted in the classroom on OUR CHOICES menu under Follow Expectations: 

  • Personal pride in job well done 
  • Extra ticket 
  • Positive phone call 
  • Move up on the Y-Chart 
  • Class earns STARS/Reward Day 
  • Compliment/Thank You/Pat on the Back 
  • Buckets get filled 
  • Verbal reward 
  • Note home/planner 
  • Earn a catchya 

Correction Procedures for Misbehavior: 

Also posted in the classroom on OUR CHOICES menu under Not Follow Expectations: 

  • Reminder (Signal Warning) 
  • Verbal Warning 
  • Green Clip/Pull a clip 
  • Seat Away 
  • Call home 
  • Buddy Room 
  • Conference + Consequence (May include teacher, parents, counselor, principal) 

Note: The order of the top 4 may change depending on the situation, behavior and the needs of the student. 

Beginning and Ending Routines 

  1. Routine for how students enter the room:  Voice Level 0. Stop at the door and give me an “H” and tell what kind of lunch. Put away things and follow posted morning routine.   (Write in planner, sharpen pencil, eat breakfast, morning work, etc.) 
  1. Routine for how students will be instructionally engaged while attendance is taken and for how opening business is conducted: Opening business happens individually at the door before the student enters. Attendance is taken by the teacher and is posted to Synergy while students are getting out materials. 
  1. Routine for dealing with tardy students:  Student comes in quietly, puts away things, puts tardy slip on my keyboard, and joins us where we are at. I will catch them up at a later time. 
  1. Routine for dealing with students who come to class without necessary materials: I have a supply of communal supplies. If it is their planner/binder/homework, they pull a clip and then fill out a missing planner form. 
  1. Routine for dealing with students returning after an absence: One student’s class job is to complete a “We missed you page” that lists what assignments were missed while gone.  I make a copy for each absent student at the end of the day.  I will put the We missed you page and necessary copies in the absent students “unfinished work folder.” Make up work is due back two school days for every day absent, starting after the student returns.  
  1. Routines for end of the day/class:  I call each student’s name on the Responsibility chart; they tell me where they are then put their materials away. Expectations are posted. Students work their way through the routine (picks up trash, empty mailbox, pack backpack, stack chair, wait quietly.) Then I call students name by name on the Responsibility chart, they tell me where they are and then line up.