• Physical Education (required PE)
    Cross Training
    Cross Training is a fitness program that incorporates a variety of activities in a systematic way to promote balanced fitness. Students will concentrate on swimming, running, weight training skills and plyometrics for lifetime fitness. Fitness testing will be done to monitor progress for each individual’s fitness level. Students will also learn skeletal and muscular composition and the importance of proper nutrition. 
    Fitness Activity
    Students will engage in a variety of fitness and sports activities designed to promote personal fitness. Students will learn how to assess their own health and fitness levels and based on that knowledge, they will be able to design their own personal fitness program. Every effort will be made to help each student recognize significant gains in his/her level of fitness.
    Individual Sports
    Students will explore a variety of individual sports with an emphasis on skill development and knowledge of the game.  Cardiovascular endurance will be performed on a daily basis.  This course is designed for all skill levels, including beginners. 
    Sports Activity
    This course emphasizes the improvement of one’s overall physical condition.  Students will be introduced to basic skills and knowledge of various sports activities and sportsmanship/citizenship will be emphasized.  
    Weight Training
    The course is designed to help students build and apply their own personal strength training program. Students will learn the fundamentals and applications of weight training, various exercises, and proper use of equipment, safety and spotting techniques.