• Transcripts 
    High school transcripts are official documents and may be amended in extenuating circumstances, in order to correct grade errors, once courses and grades have been entered. Prior to requesting inclusion of Other Credit Options, including high school credit for courses taken during middle school, students and parents should consider the effect these non-weighted grades will have on class rank. 
    Graduation Standard Year (Grad Std) 
    The Graduation Standard Year is based on the year a student begins high school as a 9th grader and would typically finish - 4 years later. Whether a student finishes early (i.e. Junior year or half way through the Senior year) or late (i.e. fifth year Seniors) the Grad Std Year stays the same as that is the determiner of what requirements they have to meet to graduate.  
    Grade Point Average (GPA) 
    A student’s official transcript reflects both a weighted and non-weighted cumulative GPA and Class Rank.  A student may have a different class rank with each.  An additional 1.0 quality point will be awarded to students in approved weighted grade courses who earn grades of A, B, or C.