• Grades
    Pass/Fail Grading 
    With IEP team approval, students may elect to earn a “Pass” or “Fail” grade instead of an A-F grade in all courses taken in the Special Education Program. 
    Students who receive a “Pass” grade will acquire the appropriate semester units of credit for the course, and the grade will not be counted in determining class rank or honors list.  Students who receive a “Fail” grade will not receive credit for taking the course. 
    Students shall be graded Pass/Fail for classes in which they serve as student aides and for community service unless predetermined goals and objectives related to specific subject knowledge are on file and have been approved by the principal or designee.
    Incomplete (I)
    * Indicates that course requirements were not completed by the student.
    * An “I” must be made up within two weeks of the date when grades are issued to parents.
    * If course work is not completed within the two week time period, the grade will turn into an NC.
    No Credit (NC)
    * Used only in two circumstances:
       1) Student drops a class or is removed and has a failing grade in a class after 4 weeks have passed.
       2) Student does not make up an Incomplete within 2 weeks of the end of the semester.
    * Mark is used as a Semester Grade and stays on the permanent transcript.
    * Mark counts as a 0 in calculating the student’s GPA.
    No Credit Pass (NCP)
    * Used in extenuating circumstances with the approval of district administration, when a student who is passing a class drops the class through no fault of their own (e.g. medical circumstances) after 4 weeks have elapsed but prior to completion.  An NCP does not count in determining class rank, honors lists, or grade point average (GPA).
    No Grade (NG)
    * May be assigned to a student who has not been enrolled in class for 20 days or more total for the quarter.
    * Mark is to be used in the quarterly position—it is not to be used as a semester grade.
    * Mark does not figure into student grade point average (GPA).
    Withdrawal (WD)
    * May be assigned to a student who has withdrawn from the district but was not enrolled in the semester long enough to earn credit.
    Repeated Course – (Replacing Grades)  
    With the approval of the principal or designee, a student may repeat a course in order to raise his/her grade.  The student shall only receive credit for taking the course once.  The highest grade received will be the permanent grade on the student’s transcript.  All other references to the same course will be purged from the transcript. 
    A student may not receive double credit for the same course in district except as noted in the Program of Studies course description. 
    Dropping Classes 
    A high school student who drops a course any time during the first 4 weeks of the semester will have that course purged from the transcript. If the student drops the course or is dropped from the course after the first 4 weeks but prior to completion, the student will receive an “NC” or “NCP” on the transcript.  This does not apply to students transferring out of the school.