• Classroom Needs  


    Classroom Donations: Purell, Clorox Wipes, Kleenex, lotion, paper plates, paper, bowls, plastic forks, plastic spoons, dry erase markers, Sharpie markers, glue sticks, scissors
    Donor Donations: picnic benches, other outdoor furniture that will not blow away in our winds
    ASL Classes
    Notes will not be taken via their phones, as they shouldn't have their phones on them during class.
       *lined paper, spiral notebook, and a folder to keep the notes in one place 
       *pencil and eraser or pens
    I do assign projects throughout the year. It would not hurt to have these common items available throughout the year. No need to bring them to class unless we have an assigned project coming up.
       *poster board
       *colored pencils or markers
       *glue sticks or glue
       *other items may be needed, with plenty of notice
    Health Classes
       *small binder
       *pencil and eraser
    There will be a project during the semester that the students will need a cheap backpack or bag with the back strings on them. Plus a variety of objects to go in them. 
    There will be other projects that students may or may not need other supplies to complete. They will be given plenty of notice.