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    During the first two weeks of school, a check out event will be set up for students to pick up their Chromebook and charger, label each component with barcodes and student’s name, place the Chromebook in a case (if available at the time of distribution), and login. Finally, the student will check out the package through the library system and return to class.  This process will insure that every student receives a Chromebook and each device is registered to one student.  As students enroll throughout the school year, a device will be checked out to them through the enrollment process.  Students will keep this device for the entire school year or until they withdraw from school.


    The Chromebooks are considered instructional tools. This means that each student is issued a Chromebook package (which includes a Chromebook, case (if available), and power supply) just as a student is assigned a locker or textbook to use for the duration of the school year.  While taking the Chromebook home each day is considered optional, many students find it more convenient to do so because their schoolwork, links to resources, software, and applicable tools are all readily available on their Chromebook. Students and parents must agree to the guidelines set forth in the Student/Family Chromebook Agreement Form before taking their Chromebooks home.



    Within the last two weeks of the school year, students will participate in a device check in event.  Each student will return their Chromebook, case (if they are distributed), and charger which will be scanned through the library system to insure that the student is returning the device that was registered to them.  At this time, replacement/damage fines will be assessed, documented, and transferred to the Administrative Secretary for collections.  Students who withdraw prior to the end of the school year will check in their devices as part of the withdraw process.