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    Technology Past

    Pathways had a very humble beginning in 2000 when the school opened and operated out of eight portables behind Palmer High School.  All of the furniture, curriculum, and technology was surplus from other schools and district offices.  Even our school district at the time was just beginning to establish borough wide infrastructure to support connectivity to the internet.  Through the first years of operation, Pathways slowly built our technology infrastructure so that each portable had at least six workstations for students and every teacher had a dedicated machine at their desk. 


    Pathways moved the portables to our permanent location in 2007.  Several staff members had taken training in educational technology and began to implement computer aided instructional practices.  This included introducing Accelerated Math, Criterion Writing, APEX Learning Systems, and Compass Learning.  Additionally, staff started to use computers with students for research, presentation development, and communication.


    Our school district also moved our community into a more connect environment with the adoption of online registration, IParent student records access, standardized district websites, established email serves, and development of technology related infrastructure and policies.


    Technology Present

    Pathways open our new building in the fall of 2014.  The build is designed and equipped with a robust package of technology and supporting infrastructure.  This design included three computer lab based classrooms, four laptop carts, interactive whiteboards in every classroom, campus wide wireless connectivity, and a full suite of printing solutions.  The availability of onsite equipment was substantial and provided reliable resources for both students and staff. 


    Presently, Pathways has embraced technology as a means of content delivery and as a communication platform for all students and parents.  All math content delivery is online through the APEX platform using a blended learning model - this has been a campus wide program for over eight years.  All students have access to a large selection of online content that is either supported onsite or through district wide tech classes.  The school has established communication systems that use a variety of technologies including email, texting, social media, and school/teacher websites.  Several online programs and vendors are used daily for the delivery of various services.  These programs and vendors include Google Classroom, Edmodo, APEX, Accelerated Math, Compose Learning, Slack, Remind, Facebook, Plasco Trac, Criterion Writing, IParent/IStudent, Microsoft Office, Lan School, as well as those products that individual teachers use to support instruction in the classroom.


    Technology Future (Planning)

    Pathways purchased 180 Chromebooks for distribution to all enrolled students during the fall of 2017.  All class content will be eventually transitioned to an online environment by teaching staff.  Pathways will adopt policies related to availability of all class content through online resources for 24/7 access by students and parents. 

    Parent and student communication protocols and procedures will be updated with an emphases on the use of technology as the primary platform.  Classroom recordkeeping policies will be updated to emphasize use of technology for attendance, gradebooks, and student accountabilities.  Student self-evaluation and goal setting will be moved to an electronic form with universal access by staff, students, and parents.  School facilitated information sharing will be conducted throughout the school year for parents and students.  Technology infrastructure and use will be monitored and reported quarterly to all stakeholders.