Assistive Technology

  • Assistive Technology is a device and/or service that is determined to be educationally necessary for a student to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

    Assistive Technology (AT) tools help students:

    • Communicate with teachers and classmates
    • Complete classroom assignments
    • Participate in school programs and activities

    Examples of Assistive Technology

    AT tools are commonly described as “low-tech”, “mid-tech”, or “high-tech.” An AT evaluation will determine the type(s) of tools best able to support your student at school.

    Types of AT Requests

    • AT Evaluation
    • ESY Request
    • Fall Request
    • Ongoing Support
    • Training Request

    Requesting Assistive Technology 

    If you believe your student needs assistive technology, please follow these steps:

    • Start by filling out an AT ticket (Student Assistive Technology). The ticket link can be found by visiting:
      •>Employee Quick Links>Service Request>MSBSD Service (Ticket)>Student Assistive Technology (SAT)
      • Once you have filled out the ticket, the AT Specialist assigned to your school will be notified and you will be contacted within 5 school days. This ticket will remain open throughout the entire process. If you feel the ticket was closed prematurely, simply respond to the email you received stating the ticket was closed and it will re-open.


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Last Modified on February 22, 2024