In order to promote a healthy, safe, enjoyable evening for all students, to encourage venues to continue renting their facilities to our school and to have faculty chaperones, the following procedures will be in place for all dances.

    1. Guests must be under 20 and middle school students may not attend. One guest per host high school student. Guests must arrive with their host student. Change of guests must be done by Thursday before dance.

    2. All students and guests may be checked for illegal or controlled substances prior to entry to the dance area. Security and/or chaperones may conduct bag/purse searches. No beverages of any kind are allowed. Any student who refuses to comply will be denied entry without refund. Students suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol after entering will be subject to evaluation.

    3. Rules regarding dancing will be established by site administrators and will include but will not be limited to:

      1. Dance partners much face one another

      2. No straddling legs

      3. No grinding

      4. No inappropriate touching

      5. No "making out" (no overt and/or prolonged public displays of affection)

      6. Hands on waists or shoulders only

      7. If too many couples are dancing inappropriately, the lights will be turned on and/or music changed as a collective warning for everyone. A verbal warning will be made on the microphone.

    1. Dress Code for Formal (Winter Ball and Prom) and Semi-Formal (Homecoming) Dances:       


    1. Strapless/spaghetti straps are allowed

    2. Dress/skirts must be at least mid thigh in length

    3. Slits no higher than mid-thigh in length

    4. Backless to waist is permitted-below waist is not permitted

    5. No garters or other exposed lingerie/undergarments

    6. No sheer/see through dresses and not see-through sides or bare sides

    7. No excessively low cut dresses or tops, or short skirts

    8. No bare midriffs


    1. Collared shirt (semi & formal) and tie (formal)

    2. Shirts must have sleeves (semi & formal)

    3. Shirts must remain on (all dances)

    4. Dress pants or slacks, no jeans (formal)

    5. No caps/beanies (semi & formal), bandanas, chains or canes (all dances)

    6. The dress code will remain the same for non-formal dances excluding the formal attire requirement.

    If you are unsure if your attire meets these dress standards, please check with Activities Director or Assistant Principal prior to the day of the event. Students not meeting these standards will not be allowed into event until they comply. If they refuse, parents/guardians will be notified.

    Once students are admitted into the dance, if they alter their attire in such a way as to make it violate the specified dress code standards, they will be removed from the dance without refund, parents/guardians notified, and they will not be permitted to attend the next dance.

    1. The following additional guidelines will be adhered to regarding school dances:

    1. Students are not allowed to leave the dance and return.

    2. Students must have an ID to purchase tickets. Two (2) ticket limit.

    3. A coat check area will be available for personal belongings.

    4. All dances must be approved at least one month in advance.

    5. All wall and ceiling decorations must be removed at the end of the dance by the sponsor and student group.

    6. All students and guests must leave dance location within 20 minutes of end of function. No loitering in parking lots.