• Introduction to Aviation

    Course Outline and Syllabus  - Click here for PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION


    Teacher:  Mr. Rollman




    Course Description:  The purpose of this course is to introduce as many aspects of aviation as possible including history, general aviation, FAA guidelines, airlines, airports, manufacturing and governmental organizations. This course will also explore various career opportunities in aviation as well as try to explain what aviation, with an emphasis on Alaska is all about.


    Course Objective:  Students will understand the general history and the basic principles of aviation:


    ·         Principles of flight including flight theory

    ·         History of aviation

    ·         Aircraft past and present

    ·         Alaskan aviation


    Course Textbooks/Materials:  There is not an assigned textbook for this class.  Information will be presented in the form of lectures, class handouts and videos


    Course Delivery: We will cover the course content in a variety of different ways including class lecture, handouts, PowerPoint’s, field trips, guest speakers and videos


    Materials: Organization is the key to success!

    • 2” Three ring binder
    • Spiral Notebook with college ruled paper
    • Pen/Pencil


    Classroom Expectations/Citizenship:

    1.       In your seat prepared to learn when the bell rings. (Quietly sitting with materials ready for instruction).

    2.       Be Respectful, courteous and considerate to all. There is no such thing as a dumb question, the more class discussion that can take place the better we will all learn from each other.

    3.       Ask for and receive permission to leave class. Your cell phone is your pass out of class.

    4.       Clean up your area and remain seated until the bell rings, do not crowd the door before the bell rings.

    5.       Come to class prepared to learn, remember this is an elective not a required class. You will get much more out of the class if you’re interested in the subject and learning about it.

    6.       Cell phones are not permitted to be out or even be seen during class time. If your instructor sees or hears your cell phone you will be losing employability points for the day. If you have a potential emergency where a family member may need to get a hold of you, speak with your instructor prior to class and something can be prearranged.


    Assignments, Home-Work, Make-up assignments: 


    o   Late work-Assignments will be given full credit if turned in by the end of class on the day due.  I do not accept late work!!! If you are absent, you have as many days as you were gone to make up the work. If you know you are going to be gone for athletics, school sponsored field trip or prearranged absence you can ask for work ahead of time.

    o   Make-up Work- It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with me regarding an absence to obtain class handouts and assignments.

    o   Homework- There will not be any assigned homework for this class. The only reason you will have homework for this class is for some reason you’re absent.

    o   Employability- You will receive full employability points if you are in class on time prepared to learn each and every day. Participation in class discussions and being engaged is also an expectation. You will be given five “free” employability days, meaning that you can miss class throughout the semester five times and receive full employability points.


    Tests/Projects/Quizzes: This category will include chapter tests, quarter and final tests as well as class projects and weekly quizzes.


    Class Activities This category will include in class group activities, guest speakers, question and answer discussions, and lab assignments and participation.


    Homework:  There will be very little to no assigned homework for this class. If there is, it will be a meaningful and interesting assignment related to aviation. The only time you will have work outside of this class is if you are absent. It is the students responsibility to make up work due to absences. 


    Notebook/Journal: A three ring binder/notebook organized with dividers and headings will be required.  All handouts, class notes, in class projects and returned assignments are to be kept in this notebook for future reference and grading.  Notebooks will be checked at the conclusion of each unit.

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