• IAES follows a block schedule to ensure that all students have an opportunity to interact with the teacher during the scheduled class block.  As students come from different schools with different classes, the IAES teacher will often have a different subject for each student during a given block. 


    The IAES program includes mandatory drug and alcohol/positive choices counseling for its students once per week.  This is provided by the school, and is currently scheduled on Thursdays.


    Wednesdays are early-release days for professional development at the Day School, so IAES follows that protocol as well.

  • M,T,Th,F Bell Schedule


    8:45 to 9:05 HR/Breakfast

    9:05-10:20 Block 1

    10:20-11:35 Block 2

    11:35-12:10 Lunch

    12:10-1:30 Block 3

    1:30-2:50 Block 4

    2:50-2:57 End of Day Procedures

    2:57 Dismissal



  • Wednesday Bell Schedule


    8:45 to 9:05 HR/Breakfast

    9:05-10:06 Block 1

    10:06-11:07 Block 2

    11:07-11:37 Lunch

    11:37-12:38 Block 3

    12:38-1:39 Block 4

    1:39-1:43 End of Day Procedures

    1:43 Dismissal


IAES Block Schedule