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        The 2023-2024 MSBSD Chess Tournaments have been scheduled!



        If you have any questions, please contact the Tournament Director:
         Dan Klauder.

      2023-2024 Chess Tournaments Information

        Tournament Dates
        Elementary School Tournament
        Grades 3-5  Saturday, April 6th 8:00am - 2:30pm Colony MS Small Gym
        High School Tournament
        Grades 9-12  Friday, April 12th 8:00am - 2:30pm CTHS - room TBA
        Middle School Tournament Grades 6-8  Saturday, April 13th 8:00am - 2:30pm Colony MS Small Gym

        Tournament Registration:


        Elementary (Grades 3-5) and Middle School (Grades 6-8) Tournaments


        We will be using the newer method of registering teams via Google Docs that we initiated last year. Below are the specifics.


        Step  1 - Intent to Participate


        Each school's chess Coach/Sponsor should email Mr. Klauder by February 15th to indicate your school wishes to participate in the tournament.

        Step 2 – Initial Rosters


        After February 15th, Mr. Klauder will share roster google docs with all coaches. These will have the initial slots for participant names (number of slots may vary, but generally are 5 for elementary and 10 for middle school). Coaches should fill as many slots as possible – but they may not add additional slots to the document. Important: if you think you might be wanting additional slots, be sure to FILL your roster by the deadline below.



        Step 3 - Additional Roster Seating


        On March 20th, additional seats will be distributed in an equitable manner to teams with FULL roster docs.


        The procedure will be as follows:


        1. All rosters will be frozen (coaches cannot edit)
        2. All empty slots will be removed from rosters for redistribution.
        3. All teams with FULL rosters will have additional slots added and these rosters will be unfrozen for coaches to add names.



        Step 4 – All Rosters Frozen


        On April 1st, all rosters will be frozen (coaches can no longer edit).



        High School Tournament (Grades 9-12)


        The 2023-2024 High School Tournament will again be an "Open" Tournament, with each participant registering themselves directly with the Tournament Director. Team awards, if applicable, will still be based on the combined score of each school's top players.
        ****Note: This tournament is being held during the school day, transportation is the responsibility of the student/family (busing to and from CTHS from other schools may be available, check with your school) , and any appropriate permission forms must be filed with each students' school.


        To Pre-Register:


        Interested students should email Mr. Klauder by April 8th..


        Follow this format for the email:


        Subject = HS Chess Tournament Registration

        Body of email should include: First and Last Name, School, and Grade.


        You will receive an email from Mr. Klauder confirming your registration in the tournament.


        Walk-In Registration:


        Students who do not pre-register can still participate by registering the day of the tournament. However, they must arrive at 8:00am to insure they can be registered before the tournament begins.


        If you have any questions, please contact the Tournament Director at dan.klauder@matsuk12.us


        Contact the Tournament Director


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