Colony High

    2020 - 2021 ASLHS Officers

    President: Mackenzie Edinger

    Vice President: Savannah Chavez

    Secretary: Hanna Tennesen

    Treasurer: Zephon Rhowmine

    Student Liaison: 


    Past President: Myah Hoover

    Sponsor: Ms. Kathy Cappa

    Affiliate Member: National Sertoma Club - MatSu Charter


    Past Officers

    2019-20: Myah Hoover, Amy Sutcliff, Molly Frati, Tyler Eldridge, Makenzie Edinger, Aaliyah White

    2018-19: Nicholle Brown, Myah Hoover, Kail Renfro, Brookelyn Helms, Delaysia Scott, Kati Renfro, Zia Hetrrick

    2017-18: Zia Hettrick, Devin Lamb, Taylor VanGorder, Brett Knighten, Aleah Yundt

    2016-17: Chayse Eby, Alex Gamez, Kay Houk, Devin Lamb, Aleah Yundt, Taylor VanGorder, Lacey Hayes



    "Since 2006, the American Sign Language Honor Society (ASLHS) has been a valued addition to the field of ASL education. Its primary mission is to encourage and recognize high academic achievement in ASL studies for high school students. Like honor societies for other languages, the ASLHS seeks to enrich the learning experience of those studying ASL."

    Some benefits include:

    • Awarding honor cords based on academic achievement
    • Encouraging service learning projects that benefit the ASL community
    • Scholarship opportunities to students majoring or minoring in ASL, Deaf Studies, Deaf Education, and Interpreter Education

    Member requirements:

    • currently in ASL2 or have completed ASL2
    • 3.0 ASL GPA
    • 2.75 overall GPA
    • Paperwork for the club & school turned in and approved by the Officers
    • $25 dues paid, a shirt and Honor cords (if earned) will be included

    If selected to becoming a member, ASLHS initiation will be held during Semester 2. 

    Once you are a member, volunteer hours in the Deaf community (5 hours) and for the club (2 hours) are required.

    If volunteer hours, GPA, or academic behavior is in question, a member may go on a probationary period.

    Returning membership dues are $10, to include a shirt and Honor cords if earned.


    Graduating with Honors

    GPA and volunteer hours in the Deaf community are required to graduate with honors.

    The requirements include:

    • 5 hours of DEAF community service
    • a 3.5 ASL GPA
    • a 3.2 overall GPA

    Honor Graduates

    2021: Marilia Burton, Mackenzie Edinger, Evan Walker

    2020: Makiah Downs, Tucker Eby, Macarius Floresta, Molly Frati, Katie Grover, Myah Hoover, Aleks McCormick, Brandilyn Ukena

    2019: Brookelyne Helms, Zia Hettrick, Sydney Lagg, Kali Renfro, Kati Renfro, Delaysia Scott, Chloe Simpson

    2018: Brett Knighten, Aleah Yundt

    2017: Kay Houk, Megan Bailey

    ASLHS Activities

    All ASL students and the Deaf community may participate in planned community activities. 

    Upcoming Activities:

    Monthly - Deaf Spirit Nights

    August - Welcome Exchange Students and Deaf Students Ice Cream Social

    September - Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition, Homecoming

    October - 

    November - Volleyball Senior Night

    December - December assembly

    January - Homecoming

    February - Mat-Su Sertoma Polar Plunge, ASLHS Inductions 

    March - Iditarod Sled Dog Race, Basketball Homecoming, MatSu Honors Music Festival

    April - Dancing with the Stars

    May - Graduation celebrations

    May through August - various activities in the Deaf community

    Past Activities: 

    2020 - 2021: MatSu Sertoma Polar Plunge, ASLHS Inductions, Signing at graduation (activities limited due to Covid)

    2019 - 2020:  MatSu Sertoma Polar Plunge, signing at the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, Deaf Spirit Nights at Dairy Queen, Homecoming fundraiser, Welcome Exchange Students and Deaf Students Ice Cream Social, Becoming a Knight event, becoming an affiliate member of the National Sertoma Club - MatSu Charter

    2018 - 19: MatSu Sertoma Polar Plunge, Deaf Spirit Nights at Dairy Queen, Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition, ALSHS Logo Competition, Homecoming fundraiser, Welcome Exchange Students and Deaf Students Ice Cream Social, Silent Skate, Becoming a Knight event, Signing at graduation

    2017-18 Activities included: Deaf Spirit Nights at Dairy Queen and North Bowl, signing at the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, signing at the The Intrepid SeaAir & Space Museum in New York City, volunteering/signing/plunging at the Sertoma Polar Plunge, signing at the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, Homecoming fundraiser, Haunted House fundraiser, Becoming a Knight Event, School Choice Program, Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition, Welcome Exchange Students Ice Cream Social

    2016 - 2017 Activities included: Silent Sledding, Deaf Spirit Nights, Coffee Chats, Deaf Movie Night, Polar Plunge, ASL Picnic, and signing at the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, Chuck Baird Memorial Art Competition, Dancing with the Stars, Welcome Exchange Students Ice Cream Social



    World Language Welcome Exchange Students Ice Cream Social - 2017

    World Language Ice Cream Social

     2018 Polar Plunge

    Shaela (sung the National Anthem), Martina (volunteered, signed), Emily (volunteered, signed, plunged), Nicholle (volunteered, signed), Brett (volunteered, said the Pledge, plunged), Winston (plunged)

    2018 Polar Plunge

     Deaf Spirit Night - Bowling


    Deaf Spirit Night - Dairy Queen

    Dairy Queen

     Statue of Liberty

     Statue of Liberty