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    ASL 1

    (American Sign Language) 


    American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language that uses signs, facial expressions, and body language in order to convey a concept. It has its own sets of rules of grammar and syntax (arrangement of words and phrases to create a sentence). ASL is not English.  It actually follows a syntax similar to Japanese.  ASL is used through out the United States and parts of Canada. 

    Our class will not only focus on language. We will also learn about the culture and history of the people that use ASL. We will also address audiology and how it affects our environment. In addition, we will address connections, make comparisons and look at our own Deaf community in the Valley and Alaska.

    This class is not for the student that wants to sit back and earn an easy 'A'. It is a fun and wonderful language, but you actually have to work. This does mean that each student will be getting up in front of the class, sharing language, on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  

    As part of our world connection, the students will participate in Dancing with the Stars competition along with the other World Languages. The students also will perform for our December assembly.