Online Course Information:

  • APEX and eDynamics are online programs that are available for our students to take rather than taking a course in a regular classroom setting.  Both versions of online learning can be taken to advance in curriculum and APEX can be taken as credit recovery.  APEX has curriculum that aligns with our core curriculum requirements and graduation standards while eDynamics provides our students with a variety of elective courses to enrich their academic experience while in high school.  The MSBSD has worked to align APEX courses with our district requirements for graduation.  If students are interested in taking an online course, they should sign up to meet with their counselor.
    I work with online students in our cyber-center.  I serve as a mentor teacher for students working on these online courses.  Students will also have an online virtual teacher that will be responsible for the grading of  all their coursework.  Their grade for the course will come from their virtual teacher, however because I see the students on a daily basis I can help to provide you with information about their progress.  Parents and students are always welcome to communicate directly with our virtual teachers, or with me, whenever you have questions or concerns regarding APEX and eDynamic courses. Additionally this school year, I will also be providing support to students and families that have chosen to be remote and work from home.  
    When students enroll in an APEX course, parents are automatically added as a "coach" for the student and will receive a weekly email with their progress report on Sundays.  Unfortunately, we do not currently have this feature for eDynamic courses.  If you have any questions or concerns about the report or the progress of your student please do not hesitate to contact me.  
    Students do not have to be on a school computer in order to access their course, so they can work on the course at home!  They can log on to their APEX course at or their eDynamics course at 
    Online computer labs will be open after school for testing and additional assistance.  Date and times TBA.