• Students and Parents,


    iTech has published our testing procedures for students taking APEX, ALHS, and eDynamics.  Please read the document emailed to you for specific information regarding testing for the course you are taking.  Wasilla High School will hold 1 virtually proctored testing sessions each day using the following Zoom login codes.  You may attend any of these sessions.  You do not have to attend the session with your school mentor and wait another week before you can test again.  You may test with any proctor.


                  MONDAYS: 9AM-11AM with Mrs. Allen  

                  TUESDAYS: 11:30AM - 1:30PM with Mrs. Beebe   

                  WEDNESDAYS: 9AM -11AM with Mrs. Perdue 

                  THURSDAYS: 11:30AM - 1:30PM with Mrs. Allen  

                  FRIDAYS: 9AM-11AM with Mrs. Beebe   

                  **All Zoom Meeting Codes are posted in the Google Classroom


    Prepare yourself prior to logging on to a testing session.  Remember, there will be other students testing so we want to limit our talking during these sessions.  Zoom etiquette is that you have your microphone muted unless you are speaking.  When you log in to a session, be patient.  If there are other students ahead of you, wait your turn.  Your proctor will talk directly to you in the order in which you log in.  This is what we will be looking for:

    1. Have all of the unit coursework turned in.  This includes all of the written work.  You will not test until that is done.
    2. Be prepared to go back to the first set of excused tests.  You will be taking all previously excused tests to get you caught back up!
    3. Be prepared to show your proctor that you are putting your cell phone in another room
    4. Be prepared with a 1-Page Note Sheet
    5. Be prepared to only have your note sheet, and a calculator or blank scrap page (if necessary for Math and Science) on your desk during testing


    The first testing session will be held this week on Friday March 27 with Mrs. Beebe.


    Keep working!  Good luck!  You’ve got this!

    Allen, Beebe and Perdue

COVID-19 School Closure and Coursework Update:

  • iTech, virtual teachers and mentor teachers will meet every couple of days and continue to keep you updated as to how we will proceed at this point for students that are enrolled in APEX or ALHS courses or eDynamic courses.  Here are the updates for you to know at this point, sorry for the length.

    The procedures for all students already active in an online APEX, ALHS or eDynamics course will be as follows until further notice:

    1. SEE UPDATE FOR TESTING PROCEDURES as of March 25, 2020
    2. Virtual teachers should update their course settings so that students can take internal quizzes 2 times before it locks them and they need to contact their mentor teachers.  This means that students will have 2 attempts at each quiz to earn a 70% or better before the course will lock.  So, remember to take good notes!  Read through the study sections and make sure you know the material before you jump into taking a quiz and you should not have to make contact with your school mentor to unlock you.
    3. Mentor teachers should set up REMIND or some form of communication with their classes so that they can communicate with students from home during their office hours and assist them with courses that are locked. To set up REMIND see instructions in the Google Classroom 
    4. All students taking ALHS courses (these are course that do not have a MSBSD teacher of record) should touch bases with their ALHS teacher, and inform them of our current school closure and adjustment that our students are going to work passed tests in their courses for now until we have set up a secure testing site or have additional plans in place.
    5. Previous Q3 end-dates for Fall extended courses: The Superintendent has asked us all to show grace, be positive, and help students remotely any way we can. Any student who wants an extension into 4th quarter can have it without an extension form. Granted. Virtual Teachers, please reset end dates accordingly.  So, Seniors!  If your course was ending and you didn't quite complete it, this is your freeby for finishing up and earning that credit!  Keep working!
    6. GCI and MTA both have offered FREE internet plans and FREE upgrades during the current situation so that students and families that do not have internet and are in areas of service can get internet.  If you do not have internet service and are within the boundaries of service, you can contact GCI and MTA to get set-up with service. 
    7. If you do not have a device to work from and did not already indicate that in your survey from a school teacher, you can contact the school to checkout a Chromebook to use during school closure to complete your course.
    8. iTech will hold multiple weekly Skype/Zoom meetings for us to communicate questions and concerns as well as hear updates each week as they occur.  We will do our best to keep you informed of any updates as we receive them.
    9. For written work, students should use their student Google Account to type up assignments if they do not have a Word program at home and follow the directions for submitting a Google Doc from the orientation packets that should be in their notebooks.  
    10. Ultimately, you should be working each day on your course until it is complete!  Let’s get as many through it as we can!  A final grade will go a long way in meeting graduation requirements as we navigate these uncharted waters over the next few weeks.

    If you have a question that has not been addressed in any of these items, please feel free to contact me directly via email at Breezy.Polis-Beebe@matsuk12.us and I will find you an answer.  My office hours will be Monday through Friday 9:30-11:30 AM.  You can message me for issues concerning your course through REMIND between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.


    Stay healthy!

    Mrs. Beebe

Online Course Information:

  • APEX and eDynamics are online programs that are available for our students to take rather than taking a course in a regular classroom setting.  Both versions of online learning can be taken to advance in curriculum and APEX can be taken as credit recovery.  APEX has curriculum that aligns with our core curriculum requirements and graduation standards while eDynamics provides our students with a variety of elective courses to enrich their academic experience while in high school.  The MSBSD has worked to align APEX courses with our district requirements for graduation.  If students are interested in taking an online course, they should sign up to meet with their counselor.
    I work with online students in our cyber-center.  I serve as a mentor teacher for students working on these online courses.  Students will also have an online virtual teacher that will be responsible for the grading of  all their coursework.  Their grade for the course will come from their virtual teacher, however because I see the students on a daily basis I can help to provide you with information about their progress.  Parents and students are always welcome to communicate directly with our virtual teachers, or with me, whenever you have questions or concerns regarding APEX and eDynamic courses. 
    When students enroll in an APEX course, parents are automatically added as a "coach" for the student and will receive a weekly email with their progress report on Sundays.  Unfortunately, we do not currently have this feature for eDynamic courses.  If you have any questions or concerns about the report or the progress of your student please do not hesitate to contact me.  
    Students do not have to be on a school computer in order to access their course, so they can work on the course at home!  They can log on to their APEX course at https://www.apexvs.com/ApexUI/default.aspx or their eDynamics course at https://matsuak.agilixbuzz.com/ 
    Online computer labs will be open after school until 4pm Mondays through Thursdays beginning in September for students to work and test with a proctor. This year WHS is able to offer after hours busing for students that participate in after school activities. For more information about busing, please contact our front office.  
    AFTER SCHOOL LAB HOURS AND DAYS (To begin in September) 2:15 - 4:00
    Lab Locations will be as follows:
    Mondays and Tuesdays in Lab 162 with Mrs. Beebe
    Wednesdays and Thursdays in Lab 136 with Mrs. Perdue
    No Labs on Fridays
    Online Classes with Mrs. Beebe School Year 2020:
    Period 2: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
    Period 5: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    Online Classes with Mrs. Perdue School Year 2020:
    Period 4:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
    Online Classes with Mrs. Allen School Year 2020:
    Period 6: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
    Period 7: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday