• Speech Sound Home Practice

    Home practice can yield huge gains with generalization!  If your child is highly motivated to 'graduate' from Speech, try daily practice for 5-10 minutes.  Most middle school students working on later-developing speech sounds are able to produce their sounds in single words and sentences but struggle using them in less structured activities.  Home practice can be just what they need to reach mastery level (80% accuracy during spontaneous speech) with their sounds.  Here are some ideas for home practice:

    • Read aloud using best speech sounds.
    • Tell a funny story or joke using best speech sounds.
    • Record and watch a short video on an iPad using best speech sounds.
    • Complete mass-practice drills. /er/ /ar/ /or/ /air,ear,ire/ /l/ /s/
    • For extra /r/ instruction and practice, check out this outstanding YouTube video.
    • Complete Mrs. Hoeger's home practice jobs on Google Classroom. Email Mrs. Hoeger if you would like the Google Classroom code.


    Remember that 5-10 minutes of daily practice is plenty!  Let your child know that his/her speech is important to you.  Notice when he/she uses great speech.  These small things will reinforce their work in Speech group and accelerate their path to 'graduation' from Speech.