Tanaina Elementary

    First Semester Grading Policy for Fifth Grade

    Since your student is only two semesters away from moving on to middle school, we are going to start slowly introducing more responsibilities to them throughout the year. The goal of this is to help them find ways of succeeding in school with the independence and responsibility that will be expected of them in middle and high school.

    I plan our days so that students have ample time to work in class, with the occasional class work sent home to work on if they do not finish in school. Homework comes home Monday through Thursday night, and it should come back to school the next day with students.

    Beginning in fifth grade, Tanaina students will be graded using the A/B/C grading system instead of Standards Based Scoring. The grading breakdown for each subject can be found on our classroom webpage.

    I will grade assignments promptly and update grades on ParentVue weekly.  Please log in through ParentVue to view and access your student’s grades, and contact me immediately if you have a question or concern. 

    During the first semester, assignments will be scored at full credit if they are turned in during the current week.  I will continue to accept work at any time, but the assignments will be marked at half credit if turned in the following week or later (unless previously arranged due to vacation or illness).

    Students fill out their planners every day at school.  These should be brought home to be initialed by you, and then brought back to school every day. I look forward to your support and involvement during the first semester! 

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Lu Gallego                             Lesley.Gallego@matsuk12.us


Last Modified on August 12, 2021