• Description of Course:
    Sixth grade language arts covers all parts of the English language. Students will learn to cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text is saying and to be able to determine a theme or central idea of a text. Students will use the plot of a short story to describe how a story unfolds in a series of events as well as how the characters respond or change as the plot moves toward a resolution. Students will learn how to determine the author's purpose by reading many different forms of writing. Students will work with both fiction and nonfiction text. Students will also be doing different kinds of writing. They will practice writing an argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative essay. Students will work on using standard English conventions (sentence structure, punctuation, and usage). Vocabulary will be a big part of this class. The students will walk away knowing close to 200 Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes. They will also determine the meanings of words using a variety of vocabulary strategies. 
    Required Materials: 
    1. Composition notebook
    2. Binder that can be used for all four core classes
    3. Pocket folder to hold assignments and notes
    4. Paper
    5. Pencils
    6. Red pen
    Homework Policy: 
    Most of a student's homework will be work that was not finished in class. Students will be expected to study for vocabulary tests at home. Students will use their planners to write down their assignments. The classroom work is written on the board every day.
    The school district grading policy will be followed. All grades will be updated weekly in ICUE. Progress reports will be handed out every two weeks on Mondays.
    40% = classwork, homework
    60% = assessments (tests, quizzes, final writing projects, projects)
    Late Assignments:
    Points will be deducted for late work, but it's better to turn in an assignment late for partial credit than not at all. 
    Absence Policy:
    You will have 1 day, for each day of absence, to make up the work you missed. You will receive full credit if the assignments are turned in within the time frame. Students who go on vacation may be assigned alternative work to be completed in lieu of regular classwork assignments. Makeup work for a student who is out of class will be given after the student returns to class. It will be up to the student to see the teacher for the information they need if they have missed class.
    Tardy Policy:
    You are expected to be in your seat with all materials when the bell rings. All materials should be ready at the start of the class. If you are running late, you must have a pass.
    5 unexcused tardies = parent contact
    6 unexcused tardies = 1 day of lunch detention
    7 unexcused tardies = 5 days of lunch detention
    8+ unexcused tardies = administrative referral
    District Code of Conduct will be followed. Students will receive a "zero" for the assignment and parents will be contacted.
    Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during class.
    Disciplinary Action:
    I will be following the school plan of action. Students are expected to show respect to themselves and others at all times. A student disrupting class will be asked to go to the "Silent Seat" where that student can gain control of his/her behavior. The student will be asked to go back to their desk when they feel they will no longer disrupt class. If a student disrupts while on the "Silent Seat" then they will be directed to the ROC room.
    Safety issues and bullying will result in an immediate office referral. 
Last Modified on August 9, 2017