Media Skills 6th Grade Journalism Syllabus


    Media Skills 6th Grade

    Journalism Syllabus


    Coach Brooke

    Purpose: This course covers the basic and advanced concepts of modern media. Students will research and discuss current events covered in the newspaper internet, radio, and television. The main focus will be on the creation of their own media via newsletters and newspapers. Students will learn how to create educational and current event stories. Students will work toward creating a school newsletter and newspaper.

    Goals/Objectives: To teach students the ethics of journalism, laws and the first amendment, learn to write stories, conduct interviews and produce print worthy articles.

    Grading: Students will receive daily participation grades that will reflect their professionalism in class, working with their peers, and completing assigned tasks. This will be 80% of their grade for the class.

    The remaining 20% of the student’s grade will come from projects that will be done each quarter as well as tests.

    Classroom Discipline: Our class will develop a social contract that will govern the classroom. The contract will include how students should act in class, how they would like to be treated by the teacher and their peers, as well as what will happen if they break the rules of the contract.

    Students are expected to act as professionals in class each day. This means they are paying attention, working on their tasks and assignments, and following the rules of the social contract.

    If a student is not acting professionally in class they will have of the following happen:

    1. First offense: Warning from teacher about their behavior
    2. Second offense: Time out from activity and discussion with the teacher about their behaviors.
    3. Third offense: Removal from activity and given alternate assignment to work on.
    4. Fourth offense: Removal from class, sent to office and call home to parent.

    Contact Information: You can reach me anytime at anthony.brooke@matsuk12.us or you can call me at 907-864-5458.

    I look forward to having an awesome year with your child. Thank you for your time in reviewing this with your child. Please sign and send back the attached sheet as it is your child’s first grade in the class.


    Anthony Brooke

    Student and parent please sign and return the attached page by Thursday the 24th of August. This will be part of your child’s grade for this class.


    Parents/Guardians are welcome at any time to visit during class as well as before or after school.

    We have read the Media Skills 101 course guideline and syllabus.

    Student Signature: _______________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________

    Class Period: ______________

    Parent’s Email: ___________________________________

    Date turned into teacher: ____________________

    Worth 10 points.