• Study Skills

    Welcome to Mr. Campbell's Middle School Study Skills class homepage. Here you will find information about the course and the weekly lesson plans. Click on the link below to read the syllabus and sign the classroom expectations form. You can choose to sign and email it directly to me, or print, sign, and send it in with your child.


    Classroom Procedures


    This week students will be focusing on their previous progress report and how to bring up their grades. We will also be reviewing important study skills tips and how to make a to-do-list.


    Check back weekly for more information.

  • PERIOD 1


     This class is designed to help students maximize the learning process. It will provide the extra time that some students need to enable them to experience school success. They will learn various techniques that will be helpful to them throughout their academic years. 

    Click the link below to see the format, the classroom procedures and expectations for this class.

    Classroom Procedures

    Study Skills Format

    Study Skill Tips


    Students are required to make a "to-do-list" in google classromm and update it on a daily basis.