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    I want to say that I appreciate all your flexibility, and patience with me as we go into distance/remote learning. Google Classroom is the platform in which we will conduct class for the time being. I have added all students (and, also sent invitation to all parents) to my google classrooms, so they just need to get on google classroom and they should see their math class. Below is my distance education plan. If you have any needs or questions, feel free to email or call me. 


     Campbell’s Distance Education Plan

    The State of Alaska has closed school campuses through May 1, 2020, and potentially longer. I will continue to provide you with education through distance courses (google classroom) until the COVID-19 pandemic as subside. Please keep in mind that this is a dynamic situation and all this information is subject to change.


     Contact Information:
    You can email or call me; I will respond to your phone calls between 7:45 AM and 2:45 PM.


    I will also be available on Zoom from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM and also by appointment within my work hours. (You may find the Zoom link in my google classroom)



    Redington’s weekly class schedule:
    Mondays and Wednesdays: English and Social Studies
    Tuesdays and Thursdays: Math and Science
    Fridays: Elective Courses


    Campbell’s Weekly Agenda- All due by the end of the next day.
    Tuesdays and Thursdays:

    Google Classroom
    -Watch the video and complete the work as directed.

    Zoom class meeting

    -Some of these will be mandatory (I will also give extra credit to those who show up to these live meetings).



    If you would like to view the videos I have posted for your child, you can ask your child to pull them up on their computer for you as only students and employees have access to google classroom. They may be helpful for you if you choose to assist your student with their work.

    Students can access their online textbook on the student quick links (they all know how to get there). I have also posted a video of how to use their online textbook in google classroom.

    Students without Internet/Computer Access:
    I will be printing step by step instructional packets for the week. Those packets will be mailed/delivered to you on a weekly basis. Students need to complete the work and return the completed work when done. If they need additional help, please call me.


    Thank you

    Stay safe



    Middle School Resource Math Teacher

    High School Girls Soccer Coach

    High School X-Country Coach



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