Methods of Communication


    Communication about practices, races, events, etc. will be done through the following methods.  Please keep yourself informed and ask a coach if you have questions.

    Coach Knopp: 355-6258   ~ coachknopp@yahoo.com
       Coach Rousey 355-2174  ~ coachrousey@hotmail.com 


    a) Colony High School Website 


    b) Colony High XC Running Facebook page (ask to join)

    Please use this as one method of communication.  It can be used to coordinate transportation, ask questions, lost and found and post photos. It is a closed group, for members of the team only. Please ask to join!  


    c) Practices:

    Coaches will always communicate information at practices.  If you miss a practice, it is your responsibility to talk with coaches about what you missed.  This needs to be done in person or by phone.  Coaches will not text or email missed information.


    d) Remind:  

    Remind is a safe, secure and fast way for coaches to communicate about practices, meets, last minute changes and/or updates.  All email addresses and phone numbers are kept private from athletes and coaches. Sign up by CELL PHONE or EMAIL below.


         CELL PHONE

    1.      On your cell phone, in a new message, enter To: 81010

    2.      Text this message @coachknopp

    3.      You will be asked to enter your name

    4.      You are done!



         From your email, send a message to coachknopp@mail.remind.com


    Mandatory Parent Meeting:  

    August 7th @ 6:30 pm CHS Theater





Last Modified on July 29, 2019