Methods of Communication


    Communication about practices, races, events, etc. will be done through the following methods.  Please keep yourself informed and ask a coach if you have questions.

    Coach Knopp: 355-6258   ~ coachknopp@yahoo.com
       Coach Rousey 355-2174  ~ coachrousey@hotmail.com 


    a) Colony High School Website 



    b) Colony High XC Running Team Facebook page (ask to join)

    Please use this as a method of communication.  It can be used to coordinate transportation, ask questions, lost and found and post photos. It is a closed group, for members of the team only. Please ask to join!  


    c) Practices:

    Coaches will always communicate information at practices.  If you miss a practice, it is your responsibility to talk with coaches about what you missed.  This needs to be done in person or by phone.  Coaches will not text or email missed information.



    d) Remind:  

    Remind is a safe, secure and fast way for coaches to communicate about practices, meets, last minute changes and/or updates.  All email addresses and phone numbers are kept private from athletes and coaches. Sign up by CELL PHONE or EMAIL below.


         CELL PHONE

    1.      On your cell phone, in a new message, enter To: 81010

    2.      Text this message @coachknopp

    3.      You will be asked to enter your name

    4.      You are done!



         From your email, send a message to coachknopp@mail.remind.com


    Mandatory Parent Meeting:  

    August 3rd @ 6:30 pm 

    Colony High School Large Gym





Last Modified on February 14, 2022