Transcript Request


    Graduation year 2004 and Prior:

     Must be requested from MSBSD Office of Teaching and Learning:

    Phone: 746-9275  Fax :746-9292


    Graduation 2005 to Present

    Transcript Request Form

    Stop by BHS Registrar's office and complete a transcript request form or email request to: Kama.Petty@matsuk12.us
    Please include a name at the time of graduation, year of graduation/or drop date.  Provide an address of where the transcript is to be mailed.  Also please note if the transcript is to be official or non-official.  If you plan on picking up the transcript, please understand that the transcript will only be released to the person listed on the transcript.  Due to FERPA, transcripts cannot be released to family members. The transcript will be processed within 24 hours.