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  • Preschool
    Preschool selection notification will take place mid-August. The survey at the bottom of this page is the only pathway to preschool enrollment. Please do not enroll preschool children through the iParent iEnroll process. If your child is selected, a Federal Programs preschool teacher will contact parents directly to initiate the preschool enrollment process.
    State funding has been granted, therefore, all programs listed below will be provided during the 2017-18 school year. 

    Please complete the preschool survey prior to 4:30pm 08/11/2017. All surveys after that deadline will have a reduced chance of being selected.


    Teachers will be notifying families between August 14th through August 18th.

    Preschool Programs
    Big Lake Elementary - Widening The Net
    Finger Lake Elementary - Migrant / Title I
    Goose Bay Elementary - Widening The Net
    John Shaw Elementary - Migrant / Title I
    Iditarod Elementary School - Title I
    Meadow Lakes Elementary - Title I
    Swanson Elementary- IEA / Migrant
    Talkeetna Elementary - Title I
    Willow Elementary - Widening The Net

    Preschool Eligibility:

    Title I, Migrant Education, Title VII (Indian Education), and Widening The Net funding sources support the Federal Program preschools. Selected students must be eligible for at least one of these programs:
    • Title I - must live within the physical boundary of a designated Title I school.
    • Migrant Education (Title IC) - currently enrolled in Migrant Education Program through Federal Programs.
    • Title VII (Indian Education) -  enrolled member or descendent of  enrolled member of a recognized tribe or tribal group. Documentation Required.
    • Widening The Net -  MatSu Early Childhood Partnership (ECP) program open to district wide students who are not being served by other local programs.

    Selection Priority:

    In addition to program eligibility student selection will be based on the following priority:
    • Children who are less than 5 and greater than 3 years of age prior to September 1, 2016, have not been served by a MSBSD preschool, and have academic need (as determined by a screening interview conducted by a Federal Programs preschool teacher).
    •  In addition to the above Selection Priority eligibility, Widening The Net Preschool has a special focus on English Learners.
    Child Find:
    If you have any educational or physical developmental concerns for your child please go to Child Find website.

    For more information please contact:

    Please review the above Preschool Eligibility and Selection Priority sections prior to filling out the survey 

    Preschool Request Survey
    Preschool Phone Tree
    Preschool Staff


    Click staff name to email & phone to dial on mobile devices. See specific program staff on program pages.

       Andrew Mickelson  Preschool, Big Lake Elementary School  907.892.9700
       Camilla Lee  Preschool Teacher, Iditarod Elementary School  907.352.9100
       Carl Chamblee  Director  907.746.9278
       Elizabeth Lycan  Preschool Willow Elementary School  907.495.9300
       Ella-Kate Showers  Preschool Teacher Meadow Lakes Elementary School  907.352.6100
       Karen Don  Preschool: Swanson Elementary School  907.681.5300
       Meghan McCarthy-Grant  Assistant Director  907.746.9236
       Monica Smith  Preschool Goose Bay Elementary School  907.352.6400
       Rachael Gerard  Preschool Teacher Finger Lakes Elementary School  907.864.2200
       Susan Reichert  Preschool Teacher Talkeetna Elementary School  907.746.8400

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