• Course Description:

    Redington Jr./Sr. High School Percussion Class is to help develop each percussionist into an independent musician of the highest caliber.  This will be accomplished through a rigorous classroom setting focusing on developing fundamental skills.  Students from this class will perform with the other performing ensembles: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, and Pep Band.  Percussion students will also play in percussion ensembles in class and at evening performances as well as out of school events.  This class will focus on improvement of individual musicianship in areas of percussion performance(mallet, snare, timpani, auxiliary, and drum set)



    • Students will experience and perform appropriate percussion literature using

    proper percussion techniques.

    • Students will interpret standard musical notation and will sight read.

    • Students will analyze and describe percussion elements of diverse genres, and

    stylistic periods.

    • Students will relate percussive learning to all musical experience, history, and

    culture, to the other arts, and to other "core" disciplines.


    Units/Topics to be studied:

    • Development of individual and ensemble musicianship skills

    • Appropriate concert literature for the modern percussion ensembles

    • Technique building in both marching and concert percussion ensembles

    • Enhanced development of cognitive and psychomotor skills

    • Performances of studied musical genres


    Class Rules and Expectations:

    • Act with dignity and grace

    • Show respect for everyone and their personal belongings

    • Attend class regularly

    • Practice and master your individual parts

    • No food, drink, candy, or gum will be allowed in the band room

    • School-owned percussion instruments damaged by negligent student

    behavior can and will result in repair costs to be paid by the student.



    • 3 ring binder  May have sheet protectors for music if you wish 

    • Pencil

    • Drums Sticks  5A or 5B are good beginner sticks.

    •  Supplemental Materials/Music  This is a performance-based class, and it is expected that

    each student come to class with the proper implements(equipment) for performance

    * Percussionists are required to have drums sticks during the entire concert ensemble season:


    The main goal with the percussionists is that they provide their own concert

    implements and do not use school-owned mallets/sticks for class band or percussion

    ensemble music.


    Grading Policy:

    Four basic areas will make up a student’s grade in percussion class: daily rehearsals,

    musical progress (tests), after-school rehearsals and performances, and Final Exam.


    Grades will be determined as follows:

    Daily Rehearsal/Participation Grades 20%

    Musical Progress (Test Grades) 20%

    Concert Performances & After school Rehearsal Grades 40%

    Final Exam 20%


         1.  Daily Rehearsal Grades -20%:

    Students are expected to participate in rehearsal every day. If a student is well enough

    to attend school, he or she is well enough to rehearse.

    • Class participation points are earned. If a student is behaving inappropriately

    or is asked to leave the classroom, participation points will not be earned.


         2.  Musical Progress -20%:

    Students will be evaluated periodically on their musical progress. These tests consist of

    scale tests, rhythm tests, and other material chosen from current method books or

    repertoire performed.


         3.  After-school Rehearsals and Performances -40%:

    Please refer to the band calendar for all rehearsals and performances. This is also

    located on the band website on the Redington Page.

    Attendance at percussion concerts/performances is required! If a student has an

    unexcused absence from a concert, he or she will be prohibited from participating in

    future performances outside of school, i.e. concert festival. In addition, an unexcused

    absence from a performance may result in the failure of the course for the semester.

    100 points – concert attendance and participation

    25 points deducted – late to performance or unacceptable behavior during the concert

    0 points – absent from the performance

    Excuses must be approved in advance with the appropriate director. NO

    EXCEPTIONS! Transportation and work are never excuses and will result in a 0 for the

    concert grade.


         4.  Final Exam -20%

    The Final exam will be a culmination of the curriculum throughout the school year.

    Please do not neglect the importance of doing well on the final exam because it is

    weighted fairly heavily. The final exam for the band classes will take place during the

    month of May.


    Band Parent Organization:

    All band parents are encouraged to become involved with the RJS Band Parent

    Association (Band Booster club). As a band organization, we hold monthly parent

    meetings in the band room (Check band calendar for dates). This is the opportunity for

    parents to learn about the current happenings of our band program. If you would like to

    have input in decisions that are made for the band students, we invite you to attend. A

    successful band program will only thrive with parental support and enthusiasm for the

    students’ well being!!

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