• Reviewed by Elijah Sunderland

     The Professors Daughters

    The Weird Sisters was written by Eleanor Brown, and published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons on February 7, 2012. This fiction Drama takes place in a little town called Barnwell in South Carolina, where three sisters reunite to help their mother with her struggle through cancer. All three sisters change and mature in their own ways through the story. Cordelia or Cordy (the youngest sister) has to learn to be more responsible and reliable while she helps take care of her mother. Bianca or Bean (the middle sister) recognizes her age, and learns the hard lesson that you’re not always going to be the best at everything you do. Rosalind or Rose (who is the oldest sister) feels embarrassed about her body and is a more self-conscious person.  Feeling she is responsible for everything she finally breaks loose and decides to let go and start doing things she normally wouldn’t have done.

    Cordelia is kind hearted which makes her easy for readers to like and relate to. She is like a gypsy who comes home after chasing bands and concerts from place to place and visits her mother. Her whole life she was babied and never held accountable so she’s tries to keep conversations light and funny. “Or maybe it was our father’s fault – Cordelia had always been his favorite.  He’s never said no to her, not to her breathless baby cries, not to her childhood entreaties for ballet lessons (dropped before they got to fourth position, though she did wear the tutu for an awful long time after that, so it wasn’t a total waste), and not the desperate late-night calls for cash infusions in the years she’d spent drifting around the country, accomplishing nothing in particular”(1).  She is forced to be responsible for her mother and put forth more effort when her sister leaves to England with her fiancée. These experiences cause her to grow more than the other characters in this story.

    The central conflict is all three sisters having to cope and enjoy each other’s company while all living under the same roof once more. As their mother went through rounds of chemo therapy the sisters bonded through courage and grief. Rosalind, who was jealous and angry at her sisters, was consistently frustrated with everyone.  Through this experience she realized that she needed to make some changes for the better.  While she was in England she deals with the difficult situation that her mother is in treatment and she starts living life to the fullest.  She tries things that she has never tried before. It’s as though she is looking for her truer identity.

    The theme to this novel is freedom because it seems like the three sisters each free themselves from something. Cordy is pregnant so she has to take a break from her all changing lifestyle, Rose moves and has to leave her parents and sisters behind and trust that they will be able to take care of themselves, and Bean has to let go of how she sees herself as too good for things and other people. The girls all have to leave something behind and free themselves of it.

    I rate this novel a 3 star piece because it’s really a book just for women, a lot of the plot is about things that men would no interest in. I wouldn’t personally recommend this book to anyone except for a women in her thirties with nothing better to do with their life.

    This book is just full of useless bland drama that I just wouldn’t suggest to a reader. If people                                      enjoyed this book feel free to try out another one of her novels like The Lights of Paris coming this summer 2016. Thank you for your time viewing this presentation on The Weird Sisters.