• Reviewed by Noutxeng Vue


                In the novel Not the End of the World, the author Geraldine McCauhrean presents a fiction book on how a group of people tries to survive a flood that will cleanse the world. This book is publish by Harper Collins in 1350 and is republish in 2004. It takes place in an ark in the middle of the ocean, everyone is frightened because no one wants to be dragged into the underworld. The main character is Timna daughter of Noah as her family faced the terror of the flood in the line between rights and wrong, Timna must find the true answer when no one else could.

                The most interesting character is Timna because Timna is willing to put her life in danger just to save someone else’s life. The best part of the book was when Timna saved two children from the flood because everyone else in the ship was too afraid. 

                The main conflict in this novel is the flood that will end the world.

    The only way to survive the flood was to reach the highest mountain in Northern Hemisphere.

                The theme of this book is to survive. Timna and her family are traveling to the north hoping that there would be land to restart their lives. Also, the theme represents their hope for survival, meaning that don’t give up while there’s still a chance to live. "Make it stop, God. Make it stop. Make them stop. Alongside me, Zillah and Sarai were retching into the darkness, sickened by the heaving motion or the sounds or the stench or all three."(7) This quote exemplifies the theme because it tells the reader that Timna is frightened and wants to end her life but she believes it isn’t the end of the world.

                I’m going to give this book a rate of five stars because Timna and her family can finally live happily ever after. I would recommend this book to Michelle Lee because this book has an amazing end. Thank you for reading this novel Not the End of the World which make one person think about a life in a better way.