• Reviewed by Jacob Barton 

                A Crack in the Line, by Michael Lawrence, published in 2003, Fiction. A Crack in the Line takes place in the cold winter. With three feet of snow, no heat, deceased mother, Alaric became bitter towards his father. Unknowingly he finds himself in a room he had not been in since his mother died in a train wreck, remembering that night when his dad received the most unbearable phone call. He meets someone who lives his life very similar to his. They look alike; they think alike, they live alike. Little by little they begin to discover each other’s lives and rediscover their own. 

    My favorite character is Alaraic. Some would ask why and the reason is that he reminds me of me as a younger kid. You see, Alaraic has similarities to me such as being bitter after death or loss like I do. Here in this book we see that Alaric deals with his problems in a very unique way. Some people exercise, some will write, others read, and some draw. Alaric and I deal with it by being hard, firm, and tough.

    Alaraic meets Naia face-to-face confused and afraid. In Naia's world, Alex was in the train that crashed, but she had a 50/50 chance of survival, and managed to survive in that lifetime. After they meet they try to figure out what happened and couldn’t make sense of it. Naia discovers she enter Alaric's world just as he did to hers. Alaraic for the first time in two years is happy when entering Naia's world, because his mother is alive there. Alex (Naia’s mother) meets Alaric in a cemetery and is suspiciously curious about the stranger with an astonishing resemblance to her daughter. Eventually Alaraic and Naia try to enter one another’s worlds simultaneously and realized it cannot be done.