• Reviewed by Baylee Reid

    The Masked Review

                The Masked Truth is a novel written by Kelly Armstrong. It was published in Canada, by Doubleday Canada in October of 2015. The genre of this book is fiction and mystery. Riley, the main character lives in a small town in California, where all of the book takes place. The characters spend most of their time in an old warehouse, and in a hospital. The book is a thriller, with lots of suspense and creepiness. Riley Vasquez is a 16 year old girl who unfortunately gets into a situation that causes her to be depressed most of her life. She goes to therapy determined to help herself, but something happens that only makes her situation worse. She can’t seem to catch a break. This novel is full of twists and turns and it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat, frantically reading and turning the page as fast as you can.

                A character who stands out is Maximus Cross, a witty 18 year old boy from England. He’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has to attend group therapy. In therapy he meets Riley, who has PTSD. Max has a huge crush on Riley even though he’s never said a word to her. The crush develops into something real, and both characters have deep feelings for each other as the story goes on. Max stands out from all the other characters in the book because no matter how hard or complicated things get for him he never gives up.

                Riley, Max, several other kids, and two counselors are attending an overnight group therapy, when all of a sudden things take a scary turn and three men kidnap them and hold them hostage. The kids all have to work together to escape, but they are all very different and think in different ways, which makes working together very hard. They are all pretty much complete strangers, who have each been through traumatic experiences, which makes staying calm and trusting each other even harder for them. Some of them make it out alive and some don’t. Max makes it out but unfortunately the kidnappers get away and try to frame Max for the crime. Max and Riley have to work together to prove he is innocent.

                The central theme in this novel is survival. Riley survives many times in this book. A few examples of this are, Riley's dad dying and her having to live without him. Riley being in the house when the parents of the girl she was babysitting were being murdered. Riley and Max also have to survive to get away from the kidnappers. A quote that supports this is “You’re the guy who rescued my sister,” She says, “We rescued each other.” (110). Max and Riley went through a lot together, they came out of the kidnapping being closer than ever.

    I’m rating this novel a four out of five.  The storyline is very creative and I’ve never read anything like this book before. However, it can be confusing to understand at times because the author uses two narrators, Max and Riley. I would recommend anyone who likes mystery to read this book. If you like this book I also recommend you read The Unquiet past, also written by Kelly Armstrong.

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