• Reviewed by Calvin Meier

    Keep on keeping on


                The title of the book is carry on Mr. Bowditch the author of the book is by Jean Lee. The publisher is Houghton Mifflin. The date of publication is 9 September 1955. The Genre is Fiction. The mood of the book is not giving up. The setting is in a small coastal town Salem Massachusetts. A summary of the plot is Mr. Bowditch is a ship chandler and likes math and books. He works on navigation and likes it a lot. He learns about the stars and map making.

                The most memorable character is David. He is always nice to everybody on the ship and I can see myself in his position. I like the character because he is on a ship. Some of the favorite things to dream about is being on a trading ship. He is the captain’s son and people are a son of a boss dad or he bosses people so he in the same position as him in a status. Since we share the same interests that is why he is the favorite character.

                The central conflict is Nat’s family troubles and work on the boat. He is plagued with family problems so is always stressed out on those. There is more no conflict on the plotline than conflict because he likes the challenge of navigation and reading. The struggle or conflict for him is to not give up on life other things.

                The theme of carry on Mr. Bowditch is overcoming challenges. As said in the conflict he has bad family troubles that he needs to get over it and move on. A quote from the book is “Mother did not answer. She was still gazing up at the sky. After a while she said, "I made up a sort of saying for myself, Nat. I will lift up my eyes unto the stars. Sometimes, if you look at the stars long enough, it helps. It shrinks your day-by-day troubles down to size." She smiled. 'We'd better go back. Granny and Father will be wondering where we are.” You can see conflict in the mom and father in this quote.

                My rating of this book is one out of five. It is that low because it is a children book and I like faster books. The book is really slow and has a lot of dialog between charters and can get boring quickly. I would recommend this book to a 10 year old that likes to think about big cool wooden ships. Just because I did not like this book does not mean you won’t so there is still hope in the future for all the readers of this. Thank you for reading this very interesting book review by Calvin Meier.