• Reviewed by Seth Lesko

    Final Countdown

                The book I chose for My ORP Project was The Kill Order from James Dashner. It was published in 2012 by Delicorte Press. The genre of The Kill Order is science fiction. The setting takes place in the future somewhere from fifty to one hundred years from now. I believe that the characters are in America. In the story a military plane flies over and infects the village and spreads a virus through the small village. Few people in the village get out and find out that the government is trying to reduce the population and aren’t happy. They find an immune girl and they plan to have the government use her to find a cure to save mankind.

                My favorite character in this story is Alec. He is an older man who an ex-military man with all his training still in mind. He is a true fighter and knows how to use weapons and fly airplanes. He accompanies Mark and they try to find out why their government is killing everyone off with disease. They both are trying to get an immune girl to the higher ups so that they might be able to save mankind from the disease that would devastate world. Only very few people were immune and they weren’t.

                The main conflict in this book is the disease. The military plans to reduce the population of the planet by half because of the limited resources. In order to do that they release a deadly virus that eats away your brain and you lose your sanity until you die. And while you’re going crazy you become very hostile and violent and kill other people around. One thing that the government didn’t count on was people being immune and the disease not slowly subsiding like they thought it would. Instead it is so much more contagious and deadly than they thought. It is to nearly wipe out the whole planet.

                A theme that continually shows up in this book is friendship. Mark and Alec’s friendship is specifically tested time and time again. They save one another so many times and stay by each other when both know that it would be easier to leave someone behind. Proof from the book is “’you know… what to do… when I'm done," he said to Alec, words a struggle now.” In this part of the book Mark had to kill a bunch of crazy people to protect his friends. Mark risked his life just so his friends would live.

    Out of five stars I would give this book about three and half. This book was written well with good action and suspense but I have kind of a biased opinion on it. I have read better books but this one was still a good book to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who has yet to have read the maze runner series. This is the prequel to that series. Once you have read this book I highly encourage you to read James Dashners’ other books such as the Maze Runners’ series and the Eye of Minds. Thank you for reading my report and I hope you enjoy this book!