• Reviewed by Taylor VanGorder

    Traveling in Time with Scarlett White

    The title of this book is No True Echo by Gareth P. Jones. It was published in 2015 by Amulet books. The genre is science- fiction. The setting is in Wellcome Valley and it is present day. Wellcome Valley is a very quiet and uneventful place, until a girl named Scarlett White came along. She seems familiar but also like a stranger. The main character Eddie Dane is very curious about Scarlett White, so one day he decides to follow her to a remote house. Eddie ends up finding something interesting about his mother who passed away. But right after he finds that out he soon finds himself back on the first day of school seeing Scarlett White.  If he finds out more about his mother’s death or how he knows Scarlett White continue reading No True Echo.

    A favorite character by most readers of this book would be Scarlett White because she has brains and bravery. She is always down to do anything and she enjoys some thrill in her life. Many people really like and enjoy her, outside of the book and inside. In the book all the boys are intrigued by her because she is the new pretty girl in Wellcome Valley.

    One of the biggest conflicts in No True Echo, would be Eddie finding out Scarlett knows something about his mother’s death. Throughout the whole story Eddie is trying to figure out more about his mother but he keeps getting sent back to the first day he met Scarlett when she first arrives at school. He cannot figure out how Scarlett and his mother knew each other.

    The theme of No True Echo is you can find more information out by going back in the past. This is important because if Eddie could not go back in time, he would not be able to find out new information about his mother that passed away when he was an infant. “So you're telling me that today is two days ago, tomorrow is yesterday and what was today hasn't happened yet?” (138) This quote shows how they have no idea what day it is but they do know that time travel is real.

    I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars because it is a very good book, but with all the time traveling it did get confusing on what day and who is in it. It was definitely a good read just a little confusing. I would recommend this book to science fiction lovers who also enjoy time travel. If you like this book you should check out The Door That Led To Where by Sally Gardner, this book is also about time travel. Thank you for reading about No True Echo, I hope you enjoy the book.

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