• Reviewed by Jacob Wood

    Run Forrest Run

              The novel Forest Gump by Winston Groom and published by DoubleDay publishing in 1986, takes place in the mid 1960’s in the Mobile, Alabama just before the Vietnam War. While Forrest might not be the smartest, with an IQ of only 70, he accidently becomes a prominent high school football player, a Vietnam War hero and a world class ping pong player. All while staying loyal to his longtime childhood friend and true love Jenny Curran.

              The most interesting character was Forrest Gump, because he’s mentally challenged and even though he’s not as smart as the other guy he excels at anything he can put his mind to, like when he played football he didn’t know what he was doing but once he got the ball he ran so fast into the end zone, no one could catch him and he got a scholar ship to the university of Alabama. He didn’t always understand what he was doing when he’d do it, but when he’d excel at it, it was almost like he does understand but he comprehends it completely different from how a normal person would get.

              There are multiple conflicts in the novel like society always doubting Forrest and his ability to succeed, and always putting him down calling him stupid. But the major conflict that stands out his Forrest’s and Jenny’s love for each other since they were young. Forrest and Jenny have always loved each other but it takes jenny awhile to realize it because she periodically leaves Forrest and get mixed up with drugs and other bad influences. While Forrest is always trying to find Jenny and bring her back, she keeps pushing him away because she has a lot of pain and grief built up from a traumatic childhood.

              If there was one big theme it would be, don’t give up on someone just because they have problems in their life whether it’s a mental disability or a drug addiction. It never really says what disability Forrest suffers from but its clear he’s not very intelligent and is a little slow to understand, but even though he struggles he manages to excel at football and get a scholarship to the university of Alabama and further his success while others football careers end at high school (Pg. 15, Forrest- “They was a man from up to the University who shook my han an axe me whether I ever thought bout playin football in college”).

              I would give this book a four out of five because it’s a really in depth story about love, and the struggles the some people go through in their daily lives. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a dramatic story and a little bit of humor mixed in. if you did like this book you might want to read the sequel “Gump and Co.” by Winston Groom. I would like to thank you, the reader, for reading my review of “Forrest Gump” and hope you get to read it yourself.

    Groom, Winston. Forrest Gump. DoubleDay publishing, 1986. Print