• Reviewed by Brittney Willeford

    Going Into Idris

    City of Glass, Cassandra Clare, Margaret K. McEiderry. The book was published in 2009. Genre of the book is Supernatural-Fiction. The book begins on a day like any other in Brooklyn, New York. Clary and Luck are going to his place to pack the things she has to get ready to go to Idris. Her bother Jace and Simon do not want Clary to go to Idris and speak to the clave. They want her to stay home where it is safe. However, Clary does not want to stay she wants to help and get answers to help her mom get better.

    A favorite character would have to be Jace Wayland. He is a courageous, strong willed, and cares about the people who are in his life. Like his adoptive family the Lightwood, his sister and his friends. A favorite part in the book would have to be when Clary joins the Shadowhunters and Downworlders to fight against Valentines demon army. However, it took a little convicting the clave to become alleys with the Downworlders. This part of the book is my favorite because they would two different kinds of people that hated each other and they came together to fight a common enemy.

    Clary had to come to Idris to help save her mother someway. She had to do talk to a Warlock named Ragnar Fell. He lives in the outskirts of Idris. Clary had to fine him and fine a spell book that has the antidote to save her mom. The spell book was hidden in the Wayland Manner. Clary goes with Jace, found the book, and gave it to a Warlock that helped her get the antidote for her mom.

    The central theme of the book is to fight off Valentine and destroy his army. The theme means if a stream of people or a large portion of people gets together, they can overcome any temptation or evil.   “But you can win it, you can, “My father hates Downworlders because he’s jealous of them, Jealous and afraid of all the things they can do that he can’t. He hates that in some ways they’re more powerful than Nephilim, and I’d bet he’s not alone in that. It’s easy to be afraid of what you don’t share. But what if you could share it? What if I could make a rune that could bind each of you, each Shadowhunter, to a Downworlder who was fighting by your side and you could share your powers---you could be as fast-healing as a vampire, as tough as a werewolf, or as swift as a faerie knight. And they, in turn, could share your training, your fighting skills. You could be an unbeatable force—if you’ll let me Mark you, and if you’ll fight with the Downworlders. Because if you don’t fight beside them, the runes won’t work. Please, Please let me Mark you.” pg. 380. The quote means that two sides can come together and do anything.

    I would rate this book as a Four; it was one of the best books I read in a while. I would recommend the book to people who love fiction and supernatural beings. If you like, this book you should check out the Clockwork series it is very similar to the mortal instruments and written by the same author it is what happens before Jace and Clary’s time of the Shadowhunters. Now, I would like to thank you for reading me overview of this amazing book.





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