• Reviewed by Gerrit Schaafsma

    The Frozen Rebels

    The author of the story Frozen is a creative and educated woman.  Erin Bowman first had her story published in 2014, by Harper Teen Publishing.  The story can be found in the fiction genre.   The plot is set in a frozen wasteland, in an unsaid future.   Gray Weathersby and a few other rebels go on a frozen journey in search of allies to aid them beat Frank “The Order’s” leader.  The group soon learns that no one is who they appear to be.

    One of the most interesting characters is Gray.  As the story unravels the interesting past and personality of this character is revealed.  His true side is shown though the interesting writing style that is only seen with Erin’s writing.  His brave, and wise demeanor makes him an easily favorable character.  Throughout the story he is faced with several afflictions and challenges, including physical as well as mental.  He had several assassins sent after him and his group and was trying to sustain unstable relationships.   There are many pieces to the puzzle, and things to pay attention to throughout the story about Gray that slowly explain themselves.

    The characters are faced with several obstacles,  however the most ominous is Frank.  Frank is the leader of an evil group of soldiers called “The Order.”  He has lied to his minions into acting out his schemes.  The rebels are headed to a secret base for reinforcements to fight Frank.  Frank continuously send formidable spies and soldiers to slow down the rebel  scouts.   The rebels struggle to persevere through the multiple deterrents sent by “The Order”.

    The central theme of the adventure would be standing up for what's right.  There are many examples of this theme.  Throughout the story the characters are faced with tough moral choices.  These choices lead to difficult decisions that only someone with strong morals and good character would choose right.  The theme of standing up for what’s right is shown in the following quote.  “‘I didn’t think there were any survivors,’ my father says, looking up from the maps he’s examining with Bo and Clipper.  ‘there aren’t,’ Aiden answers.  ‘It’s just me and Rusty.’  The dog bounds forward, ecstatic.  ‘I told Aiden he is welcome to join us for dinner,’ Emma explains.  My father frowns but says, ‘Of course’” (21)

                I would would rate this hard cover a three out of five stars.  It is an original plot but lacks a certain amount of clarity.  The story is somewhat repetitive  and has weak word choice.  Also the attitude of the book is not relayed very well and could have been done with much more enthusiasm.  I found myself bored and not full with anticipation as I read.  I would not recommend this book to someone who enjoys reading something that makes a reader wonder.  I would however recommend this to someone who finds pleasure in reading easy and simple literature.  I would recommend Cinder by Marissa Meyer to anyone who enjoys fiction with a good plot and storyline that makes you think.  Thank you for for the opportunity to give possible future readers insight to the text in this story.






    Work Cited: Erin, Bowman.  Frozen.    New York: Harper Teen, 2014. Print