• Reviewed by Ivana Johnson

    Never give up on a sisterly bond

    The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown Published by Coral Graphics and Horizon Paper. Published in April 23, 2014. The genre is general fiction. The book seems to be set in the 90’s at a home in Ohio. The Weird Sisters explains problems each sister is having in their life. And the sisters want them to go away so they go back home.

            Ivana’s favorite character is Rose because she’s a middle child and so is Rose. She also likes her because she takes care of her parents and never left the nest like Bianca and Cordy. Also Rosa is a teacher and that is always been something Ivana has wanted to become. Rose has everything falling on her shoulders being the middle child. And she’s pretty good at holding it together.

    The central conflict of The Weird Sisters is not being able to share their feeling. Each sister feels like they have to hide their feelings from one another. Which makes it really hard to connect and have a sisterly bond. Which gets awkward when they all meet again. To fix it they have to open up with each other and reconnect which takes almost the whole book to do.

                The main theme in The Weird Sisters is to never give up on family. Because in the end no matter what family is always going to be there. No matter how much they dislike each other.” Come, let us go; and pray to all the gods/for or beloved mother in her pains”. (pg3) The sisters had to put all their feelings aside in order to be strong for the whole family. And when the family grew stronger then so did there sisterly bond.

                If I was going to rate this book I would rate it 4 stars because I love the drama in the story but I think it needs more action also maybe a little more adventure. So other genders can be more interested in the book. I would recommend this book to females with sisters because sisters can relate to some of these problems. Or family that struggle with the same problems. If you like this book you should read Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver. Thank you for reading my essay.